Anat Atzmon

Name in Hebrew: ענת עצמון

Born November 27th 1958. Anat Atzmon is a famous actress and singer and comes from a family with experience in the entertainment business. After studying at the Ironi Alef high school, Anat enrolled in the Israeli Army where she appeared in many theatre productions. 

Her screen debut was in Lemon Popsicle. Starring as Niki, the new girl in town who Benji is in love with from the moment he first see's her at the diner, but she is wooed by Bobby.

following Lemon Popsicle, Anat appearred in further film roles and later went on to participate in the preliminary tournament for the Eurovision song contest twice with the songs "Bahalom" (in the dream) finishing 3rd in 1989 and "Hatikva" (the hope) finishing 2nd in 1992. 

She has since continued to appear in movies, TV shows, and stage productions at Israel's Yiddish theatre, and was married to actor Dan Tourgeman (the leader of the bikers in Summertime Blues) for a number of years before divorcing in 2003.



Anat Atzmon in Lemon Popsicle:



Anat Atzmon in other movies:




Shiv'a Yamim Be'Elul (1999)
Frank Sinatra Is Dead (1999)
Mossad (1997)
Double Edge (1992)
Angels on the Wind (1992)
China Ranch (1988)
Everytime We Say Goodbye (1986)
The Love Contract (1986)
Sunstroke (1984)
Forced Testimony (1984)
Dead End Street (1982)
The Vulture (1981)
Dizengoff 99 (1979)
Lemon Popsicle (1978)

City Tower - Tv Series (2001)
Ha-Mone Dofek (1995)
Tropical Heat - Ep. White Hot (1992)