Interview with Avi Hadash

Exclusive interview to Lemon Popsicle Forever, conducted on the 9th August 2003 with Avi Hadash, star of the Lemon Popsicle movies.

Lemon Popsicle Forever: How did you first become involved in acting, and star in the Lemon Popsicle movies?

Avi Hadash:I've always been attracted to acting and was part of a drama group in high school, playing in shows including "The Little Prince" and Henry Higgins in "My Fair Lady" in my senior year. At that time they were auditioning kids from various drama groups all over the country for the first Lemon Popsicle movie. At the time, they already had Yiftach and Tzachi in the movie and were looking for the part that Jonathan Segal ended up playing. When they saw me they knew they didn't have what they were looking for, but I saw them whispering in the corner and then they told me, "We have something in mind for you" and I got the part of Froike.
After the first Lemon Popsicle movie I went into the Israeli army and I was an actor in the army theater troupe, which is basically soldiers entertaining other soldiers. With me were Yiftach Katzur and Anat Atzmon. After three years in the army, I studied acting in the theater department of Tel Aviv University and got a BA. During those years I did the other three Popsicle movies.

LPF: What are your memories of working in the movies?

AH: The first movie was a lot of fun. I was seventeen and a half. It was a new experience and the first time I ever filmed a movie. Originally my part was written only for the famous measuring scene in the beginning. The rest of the time I was hanging around as one of the extras. Then they filmed the scene in which Bentzi discovers that Nili went off with Momo. Originally that scene was only between Bentzi and Yudale, who was the one who gave him the information. For some reason Boaz Davidson, the director, didn't think the scene worked and had an idea. "Why don't we put Froike in the scene; he would spill the beans unknowingly and get a slap for it." The scene worked, and a new Lemon Popsicle tradition began.

LPF: What is your favorite Lemon Popsicle movie, and/or scenes?

AH: Truth be told, most of the scenes repeat themselves from one movie to another, but I guess my favorite movie is the first one, which I think was the best. However, my favorite scenes are from Anchors Away, in which I had a bigger part and started to hit back.

LPF: Did you get along with the cast of the movies, who was your favorite? 

AH: Yes. I knew Yiftach Katzur since we were already friends, having acted together in a drama group. I became friends with Tzachi Noy, who was slightly older than the rest of us and had more film experience and is as serious an actor off screen as he is funny on screen. My first lessons in film acting came from observing him.

LPF: Was there any problems, accidents or funny stories on set of any of the movies? 

DW: Not really, except for the fact that you learn how much hard work goes into twelve hours of filming, whether on a hot beach or in a room where a party is supposed to be taking place, with all the windows shut and the lights on, everybody sweating but pretending to be having a good time.

LPF: Did you enjoy your time working on the movies? 

AH: All in all, yes. I was a young actor and it was good experience.

LPF: What happened with part 6 "Up Your Anchor", as I know a lot of scenes were cut from the movie, and it was quite a troubled shoot? 

AH: The film was shot while I was studying acting at Tel Aviv University. The ship indoor scenes were filmed in a studio in Tel Aviv and then the cast sailed on a real ship for a couple of weeks. I could not go because of my studies but filmed my scenes on the ship before it sailed. When they came back, I think they did not have enough material for a full-length movie, so they shot a few more scenes on the ship while it was anchored. It is true that I shot many more scenes that were eventually cut from the movie. None of these scenes were crucial to the main plot, but I have no idea why some scenes were left in and some cut out.

LPF: Why do you think the Lemon Popsicle films still have such a endearing appeal to fans, so many years later?

AH: I don’t think it’s for me to say. Actually I was quite pleasantly surprised to hear of this continuing interest. I guess that question should be answered by the fans.

LPF: What do you remember about Boaz Davidson and Golan Globus and working with them?

AH: Being a young actor on a movie set for the first time, everything seemed new, interesting and wonderful. Boaz was very patient and nice working with us actors, most of them in a film for the first time. 

LPF: What did you think of your character Froike, would you have liked to have seen his character develop more?

AH: Being so young, almost everything I did in those movies was based on instinct rather than acting technique, even though in the last movies I already had more experience. I think the character of Froike did develop throughout the movies, but being a supporting character, there’s only so much one can ask for. 

LPF: A lot of the other cast, seem to have disappeared and not appeared in any more movies, are you still in contact or have met up with them since the movies?

AH: I have worked with Tzachi Noy again in a stage production of Peter Pan, in which he played Smee (Captain Hook’s sidekick) and I played John (Wendy’s brother). I am not in close contact with any of the actors, but when we run into each other every so often (Israel is a small country) we’re always happy to see each other.

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