Benji is smitten with Bobby's younger sister Ginny when he realizes that she is no longer a child and has grown into a attractive woman. 

When Bobby asks Benji to help Ginny with her homework so he can get it on with her best friend Ruthie, Benji finds himself falling for Ginny. 

Although reluctant as first because she is a little younger them him the two start dating in secret. But they both know Bobby would be mad if he knew! 

Ginny is finding it hard to keep the news of her blossoming love with Benji to herself and tells Ruthi, but Ruthi tells Bobby everything when he tells her he doesn't want to see her again. 

Bobby is furious, and finds his sister and Benji together in each others arms, he beats Benji up and makes him promise that he will never see her again. Benji agrees, but it is tearing him up and to try and take his mind of Ginny he starts dating other girls, which upsets Ginny when she sees them together. 

Bobby tells Ginny that it was all a set up that Benji dated her, to try and make her get over him, but it makes things worse when Ginny thinks Benji never cared about her and takes an overdose. 

Bobby wrongly assumes that she is pregnant to Benji and blames him, but the doctor tells him that not only is she not pregnant but she is also still a virgin. 

Bobby realizes the mistake he has made, and leaves to find Benji and tell him he knows that he was not messing with his sister, but Benji is about to drive his bike over the cliff! 

Bobby saves him and gives him and Ginny his blessing to date, and the two lovers unite with a little help from Huey. 

(1) Bobby makes a bet with Huey that he can't get a kiss from the female life guard, Huey never one to turn down a challenge, insists that he can. He pretends to drown and is 'rescued' by the life guard who starts to give him the kiss of life. Unfortunatly for him her boyfriend, also a life guard, has just returned from lunch and takes over. When Huey discovers that the beautiful life guard has now turned into a bald hulk of a man, he strikes him across the face. Angered by this, the life guard chases Huey around the beach. 

(2) Bobby tells Huey that he has a hot date set up for him. After encourageing him to make a move on her, Huey goes over to her with a drink. He taps her on the shoulder and when she turns around, Huey thinks she is the uglist woman he's ever seen! 

(3) When Benji's dozy cousin Frieda comes to stay, Benji is forced to take her along with him to a party. He cant wait to get rid of her, but Huey soon spots her and makes his move. He gets her drunk and she starts dancing and taking her clothes off, much to his delight! Benji gives Huey his keys and tells him to make sure she gets home okay, and Huey is pleased to oblige. After taking her home though she ends up getting in bed with Benji's father Ramek mistakenly thinking it is Benji! Ramek thinks it is his wife Sonia, and Frieda's father has somehow got into bed with Sonia who is sleeping on the sofa after she cant sleep in bed! When it is discovered Sonia throws everyone out and they give Huey a beating. 

(4) The guys have heard a rumour that the new dental nurse is a nympho and all you have to do is wink at her and she takes her clothes off! Of course Bobby goes first to see if the rumours are true, and after telling Huey how easy it was Huey thinks he will try his luck. Unluckily for him though the dentist has arrived, and knowing what he is up to arranges for the nurse to give him a big needle before pulling his tooth out!

ssic lines taken from the English dubbed version of the movie

Huey asks Bobby what his 'kiss' with the lifeguards assistant was like!:
"Did she stick her tongue in?" - Huey
"She pushed it right in, I almost passed out!" - Bobby

Bobby encourages Huey to see for himself!:
"Go and get a kiss that will melt your lard!" - Bobby

Huey checks out the girls at Montana:
"Hey look, there's some new chicks hopping around here tonight" - Huey

Froggy spots Bobby's sister and her friend Ruthi:
"Hey look fella's, fresh meat to the slaughter!" - Froggy

Huey takes a fancy to Ruthi!:
"Your sisters pal has got some shape, quite a smasher" - Huey

Ruthi and Gili discuss Bobby:
"That brother of yours thinks he knows it all" - Ruthi
"Likes to think he looks like Elvis" - Gili
"I bet he does" - Ruthi

Bobby gives Ruthi the brush off after seducing her!:
"Will you be around tomorrow?"- Ruthi
"Um, I don't know, I think I've got a busy day, lets move!" - Bobby

A sunbather catches Huey's eye!:
"Wow what a bombshell, do you think she puts out?" - Huey

Benji can guess Gili's voice anywhere!:
"How did you know it was me?" - Gili
"With a voice like yours!" - Benji

Romek tries to get Benji to do as his mother tells him
"Benji, sit down otherwise I think she might have a heart attack!" - Romek

Sonia's cousin Dolek cannot see too well, when speaking to Benji!:
"You have left school, a big girl like you" - Dolek

His wife Risha enquires about Benji's prospects:
"You've done well at university?" - Risha
"Yes I studied for a honours degree as a women's toilet attendant" - Benji

Benji's cousin Frieda is invited to a party!:
"What's a party?"- Frieda
"Oh a party, dancing" - Risha
"Dancing, Singing!" - Dolek

Frieda asks Benji what a python is:
"What's a python?" - Frieda
"Of forget it, when we say a python well amongst my friends means your a very pretty girl, now will you please let go of me!" - Benji

Huey thinks cousin Frieda is just the girl for him!:
"Hey pal, your cousins a great chick, some boobs on her!" - Huey
"She's all yours" - Benji
"Who do you think I'm mixing up a nice cocktail for? She's got style!" - Huey

Huey enquires about his chances with her:
"Is she a virgin?" - Huey
"Don't be stupid, she's a nymphomaniac!" - Benji
"A nymphomaniac, you sure of that?!" - Huey

Bobby tells Benji Frieda will be okay with Huey:
"Huey will keep her bouncing!" - Bobby

Risha and Dolek are finding it hard to sleep with so many mosquitos in the room!:
"Risha, I'll go and look for some insecticide" - Dolek
"Dolek, I'm wanting a drink too" - Risha
"Insecticide?" - Dolek
"No water, idiot!" - Risha

Huey thinks tonight is his lucky night with Frieda!:
"Oh boy this is it, she's getting ready for me to pounce, I cant wait to grab those tits!" - Huey

Huey goes to Benji's and sees Gili taking care of him:
"You've got yourself a pretty nurse!" - Huey

Huey demonstrates his new condoms:
"If they don't work out, they ,make really good balloons!" - Huey

Gili cant understand why Benji doesn't want to sleep with her:
"You're not really in love with me, are you?" - Gili
"Don't be silly, I don't love you just for that!" - Benji

Bobby suspects something is going on:
"Gili believe me, if you ever skip school because of a guy, you'll both be sorry!" - Bobby

Bobby is sick of Ruthi hanging round him!:
"I didn't date you, and I don't owe you anything!" - Bobby

Benji and Gili are forced to break up:
"Gili, it's for your own good" - Benji
" I'm old enough to decide myself on that" - Gili

The guys visit the dentist to check out the new assistant!:
"Are you sure she comes across?" - Bobby
"Bobby, this nurse is a sex maniac!" - Huey

The dentist arrives back from lunch early and catches Huey!:
"Quiet here, fat ass!" - Dentist

Bobby tries to make Gili feel 'better' about her break up with Benji:
"He began taking you out because I wanted to get a start on Ruthi!" - Bobby

Gili takes an overdose, and Bobby blames Benji:
"She's dying because of you, you idiot, I don't want to see your face again!" - Bobby