Baby Love featured a soundtrack of hit Rock n Roll songs from the era.

Track List:
1. Sweet Little Sixteen - Chuck Berry
2. Splish Splash -- Bobby Darin
3. Rescue Me - Fontella Bass
4. Summertime Blues - Eddie Cochran
5. Maybelline - Chuck Berry
6. The Wanderer - Dion
7. Take Good Care Of My Baby - Bobby Vee
8. Wipeout - Sufaris
9. Apache - Cherokees
10. Locomotion - Little Ava
11. Pretty Little Angel Eyes - Curtis Lee
12. The Girl Can't Help It - Little Richard
13. You Send Me - Sam Cooke
14. Multiplication - Bobby Darin
15. Keep A Knockin' - Little Richard
16. He's So Fine - The Chiffons
17. Twilight Time - The Platters
18. Ginny Come Lately - Bryan Hyland
19. Dream Lover - Bobby Darin
20. Wonderful World - Sam Cooke
21. Only Sixteen - Santo & Johnny
22. Tiger - Fabian
23. The Wanderer - Dion
24. The End Of The World - Skeeter Davis
25. Raunchy - Bill Justis
26. Rhy
thm Of The Rain - The Cascades
27. Teen Beat - Sandy Nelson
28. Crazy Love - Paul Anka

Below is a breakdown of the tracks and how they appear in the film.

Sweet Little Sixteen (Chuck Berry)
Title Theme

Splish Splash (Bobby Darin)
Scene: The guys at the beach, with Huey posing for a photograph, and Bobby putting a fish down his pants!

Rescue Me (Fontella Bass)
Scene: Bobby pretending to drown in the sea so he can get rescued by the lifeguard

Summertime Blues (Eddie Cochran)
Scene: Huey pretends to drown in the sea, but his plan backfires when the lifeguards husband rescues him instead!

Maybelline (Chuck Berry)
Scene: The guys cruising through the streets on their bikes.

Sixteen Candles (The Crests)
Scene: Ginny enters the diner with her friend Ruthi

The Wanderer (Dion)
Scene: At the diner, Bobby tries to fix Huey up with a girl!
Ruthi tells bobby that Benji and Ginny are secretly dating

Take Good Care Of My Baby (Bobby Vee)
Scene: Bobby asks Ruthi to go to his room with him

Wipeout (The Surfaris)
Scene: Ginny and Ruthi go to watch the guys race their bikes

Apache (The Cherokees)
Scene: The guys rev up for the motorbike competition.

Locomotion (Little Eva)
Scene: Bobby takes Ruthi for a ride on his bike,and seduces her. Benji takes Ginny home on his bike.

Pretty Little Angel Eyes (Curtis Lee)
Scene: The guy's fool around at the beach

The Girl Can't Help It (Little Richard)
Scene: Dancing at Bobby's birthday party. Benji arrives with his cousin Frieda.

You Send Me (Sam Cooke)
Scene: Benji meets Ginny at Bobby's party. Huey dances with Frieda.
(3)Ginny and Benji hitch a ride after Benji's motorbike breaks down.
(4)Bobby confronts Ginny about coming home late.

Multiplication (Bobby Darin)
Scene: Huey mixes a cocktail for Frieda

Keep A Knockin' (Little Richard)
Scene: Frieda gets drunk and starts stripping!
Bobby goes into the bedroom with Ruthi.

He's So Fine (The Chiffons)
Scene: Ginny goes for a ride on Benji's bike, and gives him her photo.

Twilight Time (The Platters)
Scene: Benji falls in the pond. Ginny caresses his face, Benji takes Ginny home on his bike.

Raunchy (Bill Justis)
Scene: Benji's mother and father chase Huey out of the house after he mistakenly gets in the wrong bed!

Ginny Come Lately (Bryan Hyland)
Scene: Ginny visits Benji when he has the flu and kiss for the first time.

Dream Lover (Bobby Darin)
Scene: Benji picks Ginny up from school on his bike, and they go to the beach.

What A Wonderful World (Sam Cooke)
Scene: The guys go to the cinema, Benji see's Ginny.

Only Sixteen (Sam Cooke)
Scene: Benji and Ginny go out for the day and go swimming, Ginny asks Benji if he want's to sleep with her.

Tiger (Fabian)
Scene: Dancing at the diner

The Wanderer (Dion)
Scene: Ruthi tells bobby that Benji and Ginny are secretly dating

Apache (The Cherokees)
Scene: Bobby goes looking for Benji and catches him kissing Ginny.

End Of The World (Skeeter Davis)
Scene: Ginny skates away after Benji tells her he cant see her again.

Teen Beat (Sandy Nelson)
Scene: The guys visit the dentist

Rhythm of the Rain (The Cascades)
Scene: Ginny sitting in her room thinking about Benji.
Benji waiting around the school watching Ginny.

Ginny Come Lately (Bryan Hyland)
Scene: Ginny walks into the diner and sees Benji kissing another girl then takes an overdose.

Crazy Love (Paul Anka)
Scene: Benji and Ginny are reunited with Bobby's approval.

Sweet Little Sixteen (Chuck Berry)
End Theme