Interview with Boaz Davidson

Transcribed from the Japanese Lemon Popsicle DVD. Interviewed conducted by Mark Boot in January 2004.

1) About Boaz

I was born in Tel Aviv, Israel. I've always loved movies. Since I was a kid I grew up on International kind of movies you know. Obviously on the American movies, on European movies, and I went to a film school in England, a London film school, and here I am.

(2) Inspiration behind Lemon Popsicle

Lemon Popsicle is based on a true story. Benji in the movie is myself, so basically when I grew up, you know like anybody else who has the pains of growing up and so on. I think I kept some of the pain with me and when I was in my early thirties I decided to go back to those days and like finish the cycle and finish the story.

(3) Meeting Golan Globus

Golan Globus were the biggest producers/distributors in Israel and obviously because I was a very successful and a very, you know, my movies were a big hit in Israel so very soon we came together. They had a huge company, so we joint forces and started to make movies together.


Basically it was very, er we did a lot of movies together. I used to direct for them like 4 or 5 movies a year and Yoram Globus and myself, you know are kind of from the same age, so we could relate to the films of Lemon Popsicle.

(5) The success of Lemon Popsicle

The movies were a very big success around the world, it was big surprise for me because I did a lot of movies which were a big success in Israel, but this one I thought wouldn't stand it, because this one was like a personal little movie and all of a sudden it was very strange that people around the world including Japan could relate to this movie.


We never dreamt about the International market. This movie was made only for, I didn't know if the movie would be successful even in Israel. It was a small movie, it was totally based on my memories and the nice thing about it was that it was even shot in the same location where the real story happened. This doesn't happen every day to a film maker, that you can go back to the so called crime scene. I went back, I did the movie and it was a huge surprise to me and everybody that it was such a huge hit all over the world. 

(7) What the film means to Boaz

Look, it was very nice to me and the whole crew just to get this feeling and this buzz of going back to our childhood, you know to the days when we grew up and basically personally to me, it was almost like, you know a therapy. I went back I touched the pain and I got better.


Definitely there is, the movie Lemon Popsicle is very important to me, because as I said it's based on my life, Benji is me, the parents are my parents, the other guys are my friends and the girls that they fell in love with, is the girls that they fell in love with, you know. So definitely it is a very important movie in my life.

(9) Ideas for the movie and soundtrack

Not really you know, but definitely I saw American Graffiti and probably might be influenced, even though a lot of things in American Graffiti were very foreign to me and the songs in the soundtrack, you had a lot of songs from Europe that growing up in Israel I was exposed to, but which in America nobody knew them.

(10) Were you heavily involved in the music and song selection?

Oh totally, me and the editor Alain Jakubowicz, you know.

(11) Lemon Popsicle inspired

Well a lot of people told me that Porkys is definitely a movie that was influenced by Lemon Popsicle, and some people say even American Pie is a distant relative of Lemon Popsicle.
But I think that all those movies basically reflect, you know growing up problems and coming of age, sexual relations and so on.

(11) No boundries

Well I'm very honoured and I'm very happy that the Japanese people like my movie. You know I learned one thing, if your movie is honest and if your movie is touching real subjects and real problems, then they are no boundaries. It doesn't matter if it is Japan, if it's in Australia, if it's in Russia, you always find people who can relate to it.

(11) In Closing

The truth is that when I grew up, if you ask me if there is anything that I touched any politics in the movie, no I didn't, I was just showing my feelings and I can tell you to me and my ways because I'm so romantic, but when I fall in love with a girl, I don't care if there is a war. I don't care if people are shooting, I don't care about anything, I just want the girl, and when the girls leaves me, I just want to cry and want her back, that's all.


Thank you so much Boaz Davidson, I appreciate you taking the time.