Yvonne Miklosh איבון מיקלוש

Born in Romania, Yvonne Miklosh immigrated to Israel at age 6. When production began on Going Steady, the search was on to find a new leading actress to become the new Popsicle girl. Yvonne was serving her national service in the Israeli Army when she was selected from 700 hopeful young girls from all over Israel who auditioned. She had to be given special permission from the army to star in Going Steady, her acting screen debut.

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Anat Atzmon ענת עצמון

Born: November 27th, 1958, Tel Aviv, Israel. Anat Atzmon is a famous actress and singer and comes from a family with experience in the entertainment business. Her screen debut was in Lemon Popsicle. Starring as Niki, the new girl in town who Benji is in love with from the moment he first see’s her at the diner, but she is wooed by Bobby...

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