Christine Zierl (Dolly Dollar)

Sometimes credited as: Christine Gianna, Christina Giannakopulos

Born as Christina Giannakopoulos on July 12th, 1962 in Munich, Germany. Christine was discovered by producer Karl Spiehs and began her movie career in the 1978 comedy Popcorn and Ice Cream starring alongside Zachi Noy and Bea Fiedler. 

Turned to modelling using the the stage name Dolly Dollar, appearing in Playboy and High Society magazine and went on to star in other sex comedies, including a small role in Lemon Popsicle 5, Baby Love.

After marrying actor Helmut Zierl, she dropped the Dolly Dollar name to try and lose the sex bomb image, and now is known as Christine Zierl. They have three children together but after thirteen years of marriage, the couple are now divorced.

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