Dafna Armoni
Name in Hebrew:
דפנה ארמוני

Sometimes credited as:
Daphne Armony

Born 13th March 1956, Israel. Dafna Armoni was born in Kibutz Revivim and has a strong background in the arts. Studying music at the London Music College she became a member of the Sheffield youth orchestra.  She furthered her studies in ballet at the Stella Mann School of Dancing, guitar at the Ramat Gan Conservatory, sculpture and art at Avni Institute, and drama at "Seminar Hakibutzim". 

Dafna was in the Israeli army in the armour corps band and in the air force entertainment crew.  After her army service she became an actress in theater and performed in many plays.  Her first screen appearance was in 1979, starring as Shelly in "Going Steady". 
Dafna also appeared in many T.V series, entertainment shows, and special evenings, her last known movie was in 1999 "Frank Sinatra Is Dead". 

In the 80's Dafna also started a career as a singer and had several hits. She participated in the preliminary competition for the European song contest with the song "Ad ktze haolam"(Until the end of the world). 
She has two children, Ella and Eden.





Frank Sinatra Is Dead (1999)
Thunder Cats (1998)
The Kinneret's Secrets (1998)
An Evening Without Na'ama (1992)
Not Without My Daughter (1991)
Everytime We Say Goodbye (1986)
Not For Broadcast (1981)
Sing Your Heart Out (1979)
Going Steady (1979)