Interview with Dan Wolman

Exclusive interview to Lemon Popsicle Forever, conducted on the 2nd July 2002 with Dan Wolman, director of Baby Love and Up Your Anchor.

Lemon Popsicle Forever: How did you become involved with the movies?

Dan Wolman: In 1979 - 1980 I had made a film called "Hide and Seek". A year or two after that I was approached by Yoram Globus and Boaz Davidson who asked me if I would be interested in making a new "Lemon Popsical". The script was by Boaz Davidson and Eli Tavor. I read it and agreed to make the film.

LPF: Was there many changes made to the original scripts of the movies?

DW: While I was shooting the film - Boaz Davidson was in touch with me daily on the phone (he was in Los Angeles at the time). He would suggest changes within the scenes and changes in the dialogue. I followed the script as much as I could. I remember only one or two cases where I actally invented an incident. One such scene is the one earlier in the film, when Yiftach goes to visit Jonatan whos'e sister gives him juice in the kitchen.

LPF: Was there any other footage filmed which was not used in the final print of the movies? (especially with Up Your Anchor as I have seen a few stills from the movie which were not in the movie)

DW: Of course there was lot's of footage shot and not used - Don't forget that we shot at a ratio of 7 to 1. I think you are asking whether complete scenes were shot and not used. As I was not involved in the editing of the final version of "Up your Anchor " I don't remember exactly what they did - I know that they did use in it scenes from previous films! and they dropped complete scenes which I shot.

LPF: How long did filming take?

DW: "In Baby love", the production was very smooth - I don't want to talk about "Up your Anchor". The actual shooting of "Baby Love" took five to six weeks.

LPF: Did the three main leads, Yiftach Katzur, Jonathan Sagall and Zachi Noy get along with each other off set?

DW: The main actors respected one another and it was fun working with them.

LPF: What language were the movies shot in?

The films were shot in Hebrew. In "Baby Love" two of the actresses (one of them Jonatan's sister) were German. They learned the Hebrew text and were dubbed later into Hebrew.

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