Devora Bakon

Name in Hebrew: דבורה בקון

Sometimes credited as:
Dvora Bakon

Devora Bakon born 24th Febuary 1951, started her career in 1980 in a Israeli version of Candid camera Hayeh Ahaltah Otah. She went on to star in Am Yisrael Hai in 1981 before appearing in Private Popsicle. Dvora made one more film "Private Manoeuvres" in 1983 before being tragically killed in a car accident in 1984. No further information is known.

Devora Bakon in Private Popsicle & Private Manoeuvres:






Private Manoeuvres  (1983) 
Private Popsicle - Lemon Popsicle 4 (1982) 
The Impotent (1981) (aka Israel Forever) 
You've Been Had, You Turkey (1980)