Interview with Elfi Eschke

Exclusive interview to Lemon Popsicle Forever, conducted on 6th September 2002 with Elfi Eschke, leading star of Summertime Blues - Eis Am Stiel 8.

Lemon Popsicle Forever: How did you hear about the role in Eis Am Stiel 8?

Elfi Eschke: From Reinhard and the Producer Sam Waynberg who asked me to play the female lead.

LPF: What was it like starring in the movie?

EE: I liked to play with the three boys and I liked the script. 

LPF: Did you get along with the cast?

EE: For sure

LPF: Had you seen any of the Eis Am Stiel movies before you starred in one?

EE: The first and second one.

LPF: Was there any problems, accidents or funny stories on set?

EE: The whole shooting was very funny. And Israel is beautiful country

LPF: What was your favourite scene in the movie?

EE: The dance secenes and the one on the beach when I had to drink wine.

LPF: Did you enjoy your time working on the movie?

EE: Yes a lot

LPF: Are you still in contact with anyone from the movie?

EE: Sometimes with Zachi and with my husband the director of course

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Copyright 2002 - Lindsay Holmes/Lemon Popsicle Forever.