Breaking Up (Lemon Popsicle Part 2)
Written by Lindsay Holmes based on characters created by Boaz Davidson

What happened after Lemon Popsicle, why were Bobby and Benji back friends in Going Steady?

With Mr Lonely still ringing in his ears, Benji made his way back home from Nikki's party with tears in his eyes. How could Nikki do this to him? As for Bobby he didn't ever want to speak to him again, he could go to hell!

Back home Benji's mother and father were entertaining guests and for the first time in his life, Benji didn't even feel like embarrassing them. Tonight he just wanted to be alone and be miserable. Benji's mother wouldn't let him do that though, and insisted that he came to speak to the guests but that was the last thing Benji wanted to do. Sonia made her excuses and told the guests that it was girl trouble, she couldn't have been any closer to the truth if she tried Benji thought as he sank back onto the bed, and tried to get the image of Bobby and Nikki out of his head.

At school the next day, it seemed that everybody knew about last night, but as Huey told Benji,
"Forget it, it will be old news tomorrow. People have got more things to think of than your failed relationships."
"Thanks a lot Huey, you sure know how to make a guy feel good." Benji replied.
"All I am saying is that, maybe it was for the best. Nikki just wasn't the girl for you. If it wasn't Bobby it could have been anyone, hell it could even have been me!"
Benji made a grab for Huey, how dare he talk about Nikki like that, but he was stopped when he suddenly thought of a mental image of Nikki and Huey together. They both laughed, "Well maybe not" Huey retorted, "but you know what I mean."

Huey turned to see Bobby and Nikki heading towards them, "Cool it Benji", Huey said noticing the mad expression on Benji's face, "Let her think you aren't bothered."
There was nothing more Benji would have like than to wipe the smug expression straight off Bobby's face, but he thought better of it. There would be plenty of time to get him back.
"Hi Nikki, Bobby how you guys doing" Huey asked.
"Just great", answered Bobby glancing at Benji who by now was fuming.
What kind of a friend was Huey anyway?

It was Friday night, time to party but Benji was still feeling down and didn't really want to see anyone, even his mother was sick of seeing him around the house!
Huey later called for him, and said they should go to Montana, why should Nikki spoil their fun? Benji agreed but only if they wouldn't sit with Bobby.
"No problem" said Huey, "How can we meet the hot chicks with Bobby and Nikki playing house?"
Montana was crowded, girls everywhere, but Benji wasn't really bothered whereas Huey was in his element, "Hey, maybe we should try going out without Bobby more often, it leaves more girls for me!"
"Fine by me" answered Benji.

Benji went to to get the drinks in and spotted Lucy from school, he didn't realize just how cute she was until now. He invited her and her friend Carol over to join them, well the best way to get over a broken heart is to find someone else isn't it?

Bobby and Nikki were sat with Froggie, but suddenly Bobby looked up and saw the guys with the girls and felt a pang of jealousy. He should be sat with them having fun, not with Nikki on a friday night of all nights! To make things worse Froggie kept interrupting his conversation with Nikki trying to tell him his latest news that he was going to stay with his aunt, and wouldn't be around for a while.
Bobby finally asked him what he was going on about and he finally got the chance to tell him that his parents were letting him throw a farewell party before he leaves town.

"That's just great Froggie, even you are deserting me, will I have any friends left around here?"
One thing was for sure he didn't want Nikki on his arm at the party. Already he had grew tired of her!

"That Carol sure is great" said Huey, "I think I'm in love!"
"You in love I don't believe it, how about Martha?" enquired Benji.
"Yeah sure Martha is a real cool girl, but she just doesn't put out." explained Huey.
"Oh so that is the reason you think your in love?"
"Yeah probably" Huey laughed!

By now it had been a couple of weeks since the Nikki business and Benji had almost forgot the betrayal, after all if it hadn't of been for Bobby, Benji would never have saw Nikki for what she really was.
"I think it is about time, I made things up with Bobby" said Benji.
"What? I cant believe it, it is certainly about time. Maybe now I can stop sneaking around."
"What do you mean?"
"Well you didn't think I would stop seeing Bobby did you? He is as much my friend as he was yours."
Benji couldn't really be too angry, after all Huey and Bobby were his best friends.
"Lets all meet at Froggie's place tonight for his leaving party" announced Huey as Benji and Bobby made up. "Great", said Bobby, "and lets not let a girl come between our friendship again, hey Benji."

Benji took Lucy to Froggie's party and was hoping that Nikki was there so she would know that he was well and truly over her, but to his amazement she wasn't at Bobby's side.
"Where's Nikki tonight" Benji asked Bobby. "Oh her, we spilt up I was tired of her clinging to me, I am too young to get tied down with just one girl you know."
Benji almost forgot about being friends again when he heard this, but he thought of Lucy and just shrugged his shoulders. "Oh well, I don't suppose you will be on your own for too long."
"That's right Benji, in fact I have my next victim lined up right now. See the blonde in the corner, she is new in town and needs someone to show her around, I can show her what she wants and a whole lot more!
Watch and learn guys", Bobby told Huey and Benji as they watched on.

Bobby had soon worked his magic on the new girl called Laura, and was soon leading her into Froggie's parents room.
"How does he do that" Huey asked Benji.
"I don't know, but he can certainly charm the girls."
Nikki walked in to the party with Martha and asked Benji if he had seen Bobby around. Normally Benji would have covered for his buddy, but this time he wanted to hurt Nikki as she had hurt him.
"He's in the bedroom" Benji answered.
"Thanks" said Nikki as she made her way to the room.
No sooner had she entered the bedroom that she ran out crying. It was Benji's instinct which made him want to follow her, to put his arms around her and tell her everything would be all right, but he didn't. Nikki needed to be taught a lesson and he now had Lucy to think of.

Nikki still looked down at school the following week, and it was getting harder for Benji to hate her, especially since Lucy was on holiday with her parents for two weeks.
"Don't even think about it Benji, don't let her mess with you again" Huey said as if reading Benji's mind. "Nothing has changed she will only hurt you again."
"Maybe your right", said Benji.
"There's no maybe about it, I'm right forget her."

"I have got just the thing to take your mind off Nikki. Check out Miss Big Bottom's daughter!"
"Yeah what about her?"
"Well she sure looks nothing like her mother does she?"
"No i guess not." said Benji
"Miss Big Bottom is not feeling too good and her daughter is a student teacher who is filling in for the day, and I have heard history is not the only thing she likes to teach."
"Wow, does Bobby know?"
"Does Bobby know, it was him who told me, how else do you think I know she is nympho?"
After flirting with the substitute teacher all through the afternoon lesson, the guys offered to stay behind and help her tidy up, and soon Bobby was leading her into the store cupboard.
"Remember to save some for your buddies" shouted Huey.
"Shut it you idiot, she'll hear" said Benji.
"That's the idea, how else will she know we want a piece of the action too?"
Bobby came out of the stock cupboard with a smile on his face that said they were doing more than tidying up together. "Go and get some Huey" said Bobby, "She's waiting for you."
Benji and Bobby spied through the keyhole at Huey getting it on with the substitute teacher and couldn't control their laughter. At the moment Miss Big Bottom entered the class room, it seems that she had been feeling a lot better and had came to collect her daughter!
Immediately she saw what the guys were up to and threw them out of the class room. She flung open the store cupboard door and dragged Huey out by the scruff of his neck,
"Get out of here you are on detention."
"Great make sure it's with your daughter", Huey said cheekily before gathering up his clothes and making a dash for it.

Outside the guys still laughing from the exploits came across Nikki. She called out to Benji, who went over to her.
"I am really sorry for how things turned out between us", Nikki said, "and I was wondering if we could start again?"
"No I am sorry Nikki we cant. Sure we can be friends but as for me and you that's history, I am having too good a time without you", and with that he joined Huey and Bobby.
"I thought you would have fell for her lines again Benji" said Huey who had heard the whole thing.
"No guys I may be soft with the girls, but not that soft" he said as they walked off back home and ready to face another night of fun at Montana. Who needed girls with such good friends as these?

Copyright Lindsay Holmes 2002
Please do not publish or use elsewhere without my permission.