Leaving Camp (Private Popsicle Part 2)
Written by Lindsay Holmes based on characters created by Boaz Davidson

The boys are back from their stint in the army and looking for fun and girls.

"Thank god we managed to survive that ordeal!" "Never again hey guys", Bobby said as he reflected on their wild army days.

"You got it Bobby, from now on its fun and chicks all the way" said Huey as he eyed up the hottest girls in town at their usual hangout Montana.

"Hey it wasn't so bad, I met Renee didn't I? "asked Benji. "Yeah but where is she know Benji?" queried Bobby.
"It was good while it lasted, how was I to know she wanted to stay on in the army?"

"Forget about her anyway Benji, I am sure there are plenty of girls in here more than willing to take your mind of Renee." "Yeah you can say that again" said Benji as he eyed up a cute red head in the corner. To his amazement though she wasn't looking at him or girl magnet Bobby, but straight at Huey sat in the corner slurping his coca cola.

Bobby burst out laughing, "Well I'll darned that it is the first time I have been given the push in favour of chubby here." "What do you mean, the chicks all love a big guy don't they?!" asked a astonished Huey.
"Yeah but big in a totally different way!" quipped Bobby

"Well if they love you so much go on over there and bring her over, just make sure she has two pals for your bestest buddies,"  ordered Benji

"Sure no problem. I'll get them over here."

Huey approached the girls with his best chat up line, usually girls just rolled their eyes in annoyance at him whenever he tried that, but tonight he knew it would be different when Sammy giggled and blushed at his forwardness.

The girls joined the guys at their table, but although the conversation was flowing, Benji and Bobby knew they were onto a losing streak and knew they wouldn't be getting more than a quick kiss, when the girls made it clear their parents would be home. But it looked like Huey would be lucky, as he headed out with his arm around Sammy , "See you guys later!"
"Well can you believe that, hey Benji, the big guy has it in him after all!"


"How is it going with Sammy?", Benji asked Huey a few nights later. We split up, "Hey I'm sorry Huey, but never mind I'm sure you will get over it." 
"That is usually my job", 
"To tell you to get over some girl!" 
"Yeah you are right!"
"I don't mind really, Benji it was me who called it off with her", "There was just no excitement you know, I am used to trying a bit harder with the girls, if a girl falls for me hook, line and sinker on our first date, where's the fun in that?"
"Oh I dont know, Bobby never seems to mind" laughed Benji. 
"Yeah well maybe we shouldn't envy him so much."

Here comes Bobby now, "Hey guys whets up?" 
"Nothing much, it's dead in here tonight."
"If we had a car maybe we would have a better time, we cant keep sneaking your fathers car out for a spin." "Oh yeah well what do you suggest, Benji?'" 
"Maybe we should think about getting jobs."
"Jobs!" Bobby and Huey both shouted together. 
"Yeah why not? It has to beat sitting around all day with nothing much to do." "In no time at all we will have money to buy the car of our dreams." 'In fact Victor's brother is selling one, and since we know Victor he may be able to get us a good deal.

Unbeknown to the guys Victor was sat in the stall behind them,''No way guys!" "My brother will kill me if I try to swindle him." "Besides why should I trust you, you never let me go anywhere with you," Victor moaned. 
"Hey come over here", Huey said. Victor got up and approached them and Huey delivered a resounding slap. "What did I do, fatty," Victor muttered as he headed off holding his cheek.

"Hey maybe you should be nicer to him," said Bobby, "That car his brother's got is a real beauty."
"Well if we don't get jobs, we wont be able to afford a new bicycle never mind a car," said Benji.
"Okay lets do it" said Huey, "We could try out the new bar in town I hear they are looking for staff."


As the guys headed into Starlights, the new disco bar, they saw the owner shouting at one of the bar staff and throw his shirt out at him.
"Get out of here, we don't want your sort in here" he screamed.
'Come on I think I have saw enough" said Huey heading out the door.
"Are you crazy stick around maybe we will get laid, have you seen the staff" said Bobby.

"I heard that,' said the owner, who introduced himself as Tony. 'The girls are strictly off limits in work time, what you get up to outside of work is your own business." "But lets get one thing clear, touch my daughter and you will be out of here just like that other guy I just threw out."

"So that means we can work here? You have jobs?" enquired Benji.

"Well that all depends if you want them, I have two vacancies for bar staff and one for a cleaner."
"Well that's no good," said Huey pulling at Benji and Bobby. 
"We'll take them" said Benji firmly, "No way' said Bobby "I am not cleaning dirty toilets for anybody."
"Who said you had to,'" Benji said with a smile on his face looking at Huey. 
"Hey that's not fair," Huey shouted back. "That's the way it goes," said Benji.
"Okay that's settled you all start tomorrow at 5, don't be late" said Tony as they waved them off.

"When I agreed to do this, I didn't think it would be as a cleaner," moaned Huey outside. 
"It wont be so bad," said Bobby. 'Oh sure but I didn't see you volunteer for the job, Bobby" Huey replied.


The next night the guys were ready for their shifts. Bobby and Benji were pleased with their uniforms, they were sure to impress the girls in their fancy outfits. They couldn't control their laughter though when they saw Huey in his uniform complete with yellow rubber gloves, mop and bucket.
"This is Annie, she will show you were everything is,' said Tony as a young girl headed towards them, Bobby took her by the hand and they headed down to to cellar, where Bobby planned on looking at a lot more than the vintage wine on offer.

Tony introduced Patty as his daughter to Benji. Immediately Benji was impressed with Patty but he was disappointed when Tony emphasized that she was his daughter.

On their break Benji confessed that Tony had told them to stay away from his daughter. "It is just a pity that you are the prettiest girl here," Benji told her. "Oh Benji you are so sweet," "Tony is my stepfather, but he seems to think that everyone, who comes here to work wants me."  "I cant say I blame him," said Benji, as he pulled her into a secluded corner away from prying eyes and gave her a lingering kiss. 
"We can't she protested",  "Tony will kill you if he finds out and we will never get to see each other if you lose your job here."
Benji silenced her with another kiss, but thought he must think of a way to be with Patty.

"That was a great first night' said Bobby coming out of the bar yawning, "Yeah it was" said Benji dreamily. "Oh well I am glad somebody's been having fun." "All I had to look forward to was a blocked toilet.'
'Never mind, Huey buddy things will look up soon."


The next week Tony was off work sick, and his wife was in charge.  "Wow check her out, she is so hot' said Bobby as she walked past shouting out orders. She came over to the guys and gave them their duties for the night, but looked at Bobby with more interest, "Follow me" she said I need some help in the office. Bobby eagerly followed he knew just what she meant , he had seen that look many times before!

"It's not fair,  I am quitting," said Huey when he found out exactly what Bobby had been up to in the office with the bosses wife, after Bobby wasted no time in telling all. 
"Hey don't worry Huey I am sure I can talk her into doing it with you too, she is a real nympho.'
"You think so," said Huey as he combed back his hair. 
"Mmm maybe, if you can manage to get that smell of you, you stink man!"
Huey chased Bobby with his mop, and at that  moment the bosses wife, Tanya came out of the office smoothing down her skirt.
"Bobby my husband wont be in work next week, so I am going to need you in the office with me again, is that okay?" she asked saucily winking 
"Okay? Of course that is great," he answered. 
Huey nudged him, "I thought you were going to ask," Not now dummy' Bobby told him, '"Do you want to give her a heart attack?"


Benji continued sneaking around with Patty but it was all getting too much for him. "I don't know if can cope with this much longer," Benji told Patty. "Why cant we just be together, is it so wrong?"
"Yes Benji, I agree maybe we should tell Tony."
Benji wasn't looking forward to the prospect and asked Bobby and Huey to come with him, as back up. He didn't want to be alone with Tony if he turned violent.
Surprisingly Tony took the news well "As long as your intentions are honourable."
"Yes of course they are," replied Benji. 
"Good then that is settled you and my daughter will be engaged."
"Engaged!" all three guys shouted together. 
"Yes, why is there a problem," Tony said spinning around with his fist ready to punch anyone who objected. "No sir, no problem at all."


'You cant do it, Benji." "You are too young" said Huey. "Well I have to do it one day, why not now?" answered Benji. "Why not now? I'll tell you why not now, because you have got your whole life ahead of you that's why, you barely even know the girl, you always did let your heart rule your head.'"
"Oh well in your case, Bobby what's in your trousers rules everything!!"
"I'm going, come on Huey, Tanya's back soon. Lets get us some action  while Benji plays house with Patty baby!"

Over the next few days, Benji came around to Bobby's way of thinking. He was too young to be settled down. Maybe he would finish it with Patty , she had started to irritate him now he knew there might be a marriage to think about. Their time at the bar was nearly up anyway, they had almost got enough for their dream car.

"Come on Bobby I have waited long enough" pleaded Huey "Let me have a go with Tanya."
"Okay, but remember her husband is due back later, you are going to have to be quick."
"Sure no problem, wow she is dynamite!"

Benji told Bobby his news and he nodded in approval, "That's the only thing you can do buddy." "Now come and watch this, Huey is finally getting it on with Tanya." "Oh boy this I got to see," said Benji as he peeked through the doorway.

At that moment they heard Tony's car pull up outside. "Quick tell Huey" said Benji, "Why and spoil the fun?" smirked Bobby, "Yeah your right" laughed Benji,  "We are out of here now anyway, lets go and wait outside."
Tony walked past the guys on his way in whistling, Bobby and Benji counted down "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1..... Here he comes!" they shouted as Huey ran past clutching his clothes in just his underpants, with Tony hot on his tail. "Why  didn't you tell me?" "Oh we wouldn't have missed this for the world, right Bobby", "Right Benji!".


The next day the guys went to Victors brothers to get their dream car, and Victor happily handed them the keys. "See you guys later," he said with a smirk.
"Where to first?", asked Bobby. "Lets head down to the beach", "It is sure to be packed with hot chicks" Huey excitedly said. 
Bobby put his foot down to accelerate and his foot hit the floor, "What the hell, I swear I will kill Victor!'

Victor appeared from around the corner, counting the money, not a bad deal at all he laughed "My brother  said it was only good for scrap!" "But it looks perfect" exclaimed Benji. 
"Yeah after he had finished the bodywork, he didn't have enough money to fix all the jobs on it!".

The guys got out of the car and chased Victor down the street, all but Huey who didn't want to break out in too much of a sweat, there was always next time to get even with him, but he thought maybe I should go back to the army, perhaps all that training will come in handy!!

Copyright Lindsay Holmes 2002
Please do not publish or use elsewhere without my permission.