Crazy Heart (Baby Love Part 2)
Written by Lindsay Holmes based on characters created by Boaz Davidson

Ever wondered what happened after Baby Love, why Bobby wasnt around for Up Your Anchor?

"Pretty Little Angel Eyes" plays out from the jukebox and everyone is having a great time in Montana on a Saturday night!

"Wow the girls in here are hot tonight!" Huey gleefully said while rubbing his hands together and checking out the talent.
"Nah, I'm sick of seeing the same faces every night in here, I must have had all the girls at least once", Bobby brags, "It's about time we changed our scene."
"What and forget about Montana, Bobby are you crazy?! Never! we have been coming here since we were 17 and we have had some really top chicks here too!" said Huey,
"You guys can do what you want I'm off to find myself some real women!" said Bobby.
"Listen to him, these women are as real as it gets", said Huey flabbergasted that Bobby would want to leave. "Give it a while, it's only early" says Benji as he tries to coax Bobby.

Martha comes over to the guys and Huey sends Froggy to buy her a drink.
"Why me? She's your girlfriend not mine!" Froggy angrily asks, "Don't be so rude cant you see the girl needs a drink" Huey says followed by a hard slap around Froggy's face!

"What's shaking?" Huey asks Martha. "Oh nothing much I am just waiting for my friend to arrive." "Your friend you say, does she put out? Our friend Bobby here is feeling horny!"
"Oh Huey you are terrible!" laughed Martha.

Martha's friend arrives and Bobby suddenly looks interested, "Wow man, she's dynamite! Introduce us Martha."
Straight away Bobby takes her friend Judy by the hand, "sit here princess" he says pulling her close to him. "Well that's that then, once the girls spot Bobby, it's history for us" said Huey envious at his friends way with women.

"I'm off, I have a date with Gili tonight" says Benji as he leaves, "it looks like you guys have your hands full anyway" as he spots Bobby making out with his latest conquest.
Bobby looks up "Good make sure you are not late, I don't want you screwing my sister about!"

"How about me and you going back to your place?", Bobby whispered in Judy's ear.
"No way my parents would kill me." Judy nervously said.
"No problem, we'll go to mine, nobody's home" offered Bobby as he slipped his arm around her waist.

Bobby leaves Huey squabbling with Froggy whilst Martha looks on bored as she sees her friend leave with Bobby in tow.
"Some night this has turned out for me", she moans, but already Huey has his arm around her.
"I have plans for us kid!" as he twirls her onto the dance floor.

Bobby is getting nowhere fast with Judy, he thought once he had here back at his place everything would work out, but Judy proves a challenge for Bobby and he cant believe that for once someone is turning him down.
"Get out of here you dumb broad, you knew the score when I asked you to come back here!"
"If you want me Bobby you are going to have to work harder than that, I have heard all the rumours about you, there is no way you are going to screw me and leave!" said Judy as she quickly leaves.
Bobby is furious, there is no way he is going to woo any girl for a quick lay!

"Hey man can you believe that girl Benji, I couldn't believe it when she started talking about me and her going steady." "Well it's about time you met somebody nice", said Benji. "Nice? I don't want nice I want naughty!" Bobby said with a wicked glint in his eye!
"Hey guys I have a great idea for us to get laid", Huey said excitedly interrupting their conversation.
"Spit it out", said Bobby impatiently.
"Well you know the new gym? It has some real stunners going there. I saw them queuing up just now, wearing next to nothing. We must join!" Huey continued.
"Well, what are we waiting for", Bobby said as he excitedly pulled his jacket on.
"Hey, not you Benji, remember you are with my sister" said Bobby as he pushed Benji back into his seat.
"Oh come on I'm not going to do anything",
"Yeah, well you better not or there will be trouble!" said Bobby with a cheeky grin on his face.

The guys race to the gym, and Huey cant believe his luck when he sees all the girls doing aerobics in their leotards!
"They finish their class and leave, They must be getting showered somewhere, I've gotta see this" he said racing along, with Bobby and Benji behind hot on his heels.
There just so happens to be a hole in the wall and the guys watch the girls getting showered,
"I cant believe it these are the best looking girls I have ever seen", said Huey excitedly.
"Kitbag what the bloody hell is going on here!?" shouts a familiar voice.
"What the, Sergeant Ramirez? I don't believe it what are you doing here?!" exclaims Huey.
"Cant you see I'm the owner of the gym, you fool!" said Rammit as he was about to explode.
"Oh no what luck, we left the army to escape you, and here you are" said Benji.
"Shut up Sardine."
"Hey you cant talk to me like that anymore", Benji angrily said after been reminded of his old nickname.
"I can say what I like and I say you are Sardine!" Rammit said stroking his moustache.
"Get these assholes out of here", booms a voice from down the corridor. "I don't want them spying on my girls", the guys are flabbergasted to see Marshmallow coming towards them.
"But pumpkin they have came to join the gym, we cannot turn them away can we?!"
"You mean you and her married?", Bobby asks.
"It was not my fault she forced me" says a sheepish Rammit, "Bloody hell, be quiet she will hear!"
"Now are we going to join the gym guys are not" asks Benji,
"Yeah sure why not, pay him Huey" says Bobby.
"But why is it always me?"
"You want to see the girls dont you?"
"Yeah of course!"
"Then pay him!"
As Bobby takes Huey's money from his wallet, Huey continues his protest.
"It's just not fair"
"Well, write it in your little book Huey"
"Write it in my book?, there's no room, you guys owe me enough already"
"I don't owe you a god damn dime!", Bobby and Huey squabbled.
Bobby is immediately a hit with the girls and is busy teaching a girl to do sit ups when he sees a familiar pair of legs pass by him,
"Still up to no good I see, you will never learn" says Judy, Martha's friend.
Bobby just shrugs but really she is beginning to get to him.
After getting a slap in the face for pinching a girls bottom Huey is ready to leave, but spots the Aerobics teacher who seems more interested in Bobby than teaching the girls aerobics.
"Bobby have you seen the teacher, she cant take her eyes of you."
"Time for me to make a move and put her out of her misery then", Bobby said walking over to her. "Don't forget your friends Bobby", Huey says hoping for a piece of the action.
Bobby leads the teacher into the changing rooms and returns breathless.
"Wow she is hot, what a nympho! Huey get in there!"
"What you don't think she will mind?"
"Mind, she will love it" encourages Bobby, but Huey doesn't need any encouragement and has already began to strip.
"Hey chick how about me and you?" asks Huey to the teacher.
"Follow me" she say's and shows him into the changing rooms.
"Wow I cant believe it, I am actually going to get some!"
Benji and Bobby cram up against the door and peek through the keyhole at Huey getting it on with the teacher collapsing in laughter at the site of his huge flabby arse!
Benji feels a tug on his ear,
"What the fuck is going on here Sardine?" demands Marshmallow.
"Nothing just cleaning the keyhole!"
"Bullshit out of my way" she yells throwing Benji and Bobby away from the door!
She spots Huey and quickly makes a grab for him and chases him naked from the changing room with his clothes in his hand, but Bobby and Benji quickly intervene and trip her up so that they can quickly make a dash for it!

It's party time at Huey's house and Bobby for one is intending on having a good time.
"Hey Huey, where's Benji?"
"He said something about picking up Gili and coming along later."
Bobby starts dancing with a girl and Huey takes to the floor with Martha. Judy walks in and takes Bobby by the arm, dance with me she says.
"I cant believe you, one minute you don't want to know and the next minute you cant get enough, not that I am complaining though" he says as he pulls her closer for a kiss.
Benji arrives drunk looking the worse for wear.
"Hey what's wrong Benji?" asks Huey concerned.
"It's Gili she's left me, she said it just wasn't going to work between us." said a tearful Benji.
"She doesn't mean that, go home everything will be okay in the morning I promise!"
Bobby overhears the conversation,
"What's going on?"
"Benji just split with Gili."
"What?, I swear to god Benji I will kill you if you have tried anything on with my sister" he said as he grabs him roughly by the arm.
"No, I promise! she dumped me, she doesn't love me anymore."
"Well I cant say I'm sorry or surprised Benji she was far too young for you to get involved with anyway." said Bobby as he released his grip.
The next night Benji realizes there is no chance for him and Gili and vows to forget all about her, and concentrates on getting some girls over to their table in Montana.
"Go get them Huey",
"Sure no sweat, I will have them over here quicker than you can say popsicle!"
For once Bobby doesn't seem too interested and when the girls come over he doesn't even try to steal the best looking girl for himself.
"Oh boy what luck, now I can choose who I want!" thought Huey.
They agree to take the girls to the cinema, but Bobby declares he already has a date.
"Who with?" asks Huey.
"Judy, you remember Martha's friend" says Bobby.
"What that stuck up virgin?! Oh well it's your loss."
Bobby cant believe he has turned down a hot date to meet with Judy who doesn't seem to be up for anything, could it be love?!
As Judy arrives she tells Bobby straight that she wants to be with dated with flowers and stuff and there is no way he is going to treat her like one of his conquests. Amazingly Bobby finds himself agreeing to be true to her.


Benji and Huey are at the cinema with their dates when the girls go to get some drinks.
"What's keeping them, they've been gone for over half an hour now", says a flustered Huey.
"Well it looks like they have left, I knew they were virgins, you can spot a nympho a mile off huh Huey?! They've had us!" said Benji as Huey feels into his pocket,
"I don't believe it they have took my goddamn money! What a night, no girls and no money! It is just no good without Bobby!"


"Hey Bobby why haven't we saw you in Montana for so long?" asks Huey to Bobby who seems to be becoming increasingly irritated by Huey's questioning.
"I just have better things to do these days."
"What like seeing Judy?, what a bore you have become, I cant believe you are going ga ga for a girl you haven't even screwed!"
"Shut your mouth Huey, you know nothing about it."
"No, but I know this stupid broad has got you spending all your cash and neglecting your buddies."
"I'm sick of listening to this crap, I'm off."
Huey goes to go after him, "leave him" Benji said, "he'll cool off in his own time."


Bobby goes to Judy's house with his mind on only one thing.
"Judy how about me and you getting it together tonight. I have dated you as you wanted, and stayed true to you only. My buddies all think I'm crazy."
"Well you are crazy, crazy in love with me that is!"
"Yeah I guess I am", Bobby said as he kisses Judy and they fall back onto her bed.
Bobby can't believe that his patience has paid off and he has finally got with Judy.


Bobby meets the guys the next night in Montana.
"Sorry for storming off like that the other night guys," say's Bobby, "It was just frustrating the hell out of me that Judy wouldn't sleep with me."
"What and she has now?" enquires Huey.
"Yeah it was great, I tell you Huey nothing beats being in love!"
"As long as they put out is all I care about" said Huey.
"Shut up guys here she comes now, she will hear you."
"Oh no what is Shelly doing with her I thought she left the country?!"
"Hi Bobby, long time no see, remember me?"
"How could I forget."
"Well I'm Judy's cousin, and guess what! This time you've been dumped! How do you like that?!" "You whore! How could you do that to me?", shouted Bobby.
"Easy! Do you think I would really want a conceited jerk like you?" adds Judy.
"Yeah, I guess you could call it payback time", smirked Shelly as they both walked out of Montana.
"Well can you beat that, I spent all my money on that broad and declared my undying love for her, now she tells me it was all a set up?!" a shocked Bobby said.
"But Bobby you loved her", says Huey.
"Loved her? Don't talk so dumb, I dont love anyone I just wanted to get her into bed! Anyway I'm leaving for America next week to stay with my cousin for a couple of weeks, it would never have worked out."
"Leaving? You cant, what are Benji and I going to do?"
"I'm sure you will think of something, I have had enough of this lovey dovey stuff for a while I'll leave it to Benji to fall in love next time!"
Bobby leaves as "The Wanderer" begins to play on the juke box.

Copyright Lindsay Holmes 2002
Please do not publish or use elsewhere without my permission.