Hot Adventures (Baby Love Part 3)
Written by Lindsay Holmes based on characters created by Boaz Davidson

Ever wondered what Bobby got up to whilst on holiday in America?

"Man is this going to be great, three months in the U.S just think of all those girls!" The thought of meeting lots of different girls kept Bobby going for the long tiring journey, as he tried to sleep.
"Can I get you anything?" What? uh no, said Bobby stirring from his sleep, hardly able to focus on the stewardess looking down at him. She winked at him, my name is Trixie, and remember I am here for you, anything you want, she said far too suggestively for just a stewardess!
"Did that mean what I think it means? Bobby wondered, suddenly wide awake and focused on her making her way down the aisle.
As she turned she looked directly at Bobby and beckoned him over, Oh boy, how lucky can I get, and to think I almost spent the entire journey sleeping!
This was definitely something he could get used to, a girl actually making her move on him, no effort involved whatsoever! he decided as he did up his pants. And to think Benji and Huey missed out on this!


As the plane touched down, Bobby was well and truly ready for America. Trixie handed him her number, Bobby took it politely, but he really didn't need it, not with so many girls out there, just waiting for him!
Now all he had to do was find his cousins place and nothing but good times were ahead.

Jumping out of the taxi, Bobby looked around, this place didn't look like it had been touched for months. So much for his cousin Tommy saying he was welcome to stay anytime! Geez what am I going to do?, Bobby thought scratching his head, I cant stay around here!
Finding a cheap room was virtually impossible to find in this part of town, so after searching for a couple of hours Bobby decided to go to a diner for something to eat, the rumble in his stomach told him he hadn't eaten for hours!

As he walked in, it almost felt just like like Montana and out of habit he looked around for the guys, of course they weren't there, and already Bobby was starting to miss home and Huey and Benji. Even though they didn't always see eye to eye there was the best friends he ever had.
The one thing that soon cheered him up though was the girls, wow they were hot! But Bobby soon realized that maybe it wasn't so much fun chatting to girls alone without Huey to break the ice and bring the girls to him when he looks around and for once is lost for words!

The hotel Paradise, was one of the few places Bobby hadn't tried, but looking at the hotel from outside it seemed that one night in here would cost him is entire holiday money! Oh well I may as well give it a try. Asking about the accommodation proved Bobby right, he couldnt afford a night in here never mind a couple of weeks!
Getting ready to head for the door, he is spotted by the Hotel manager a glamorous older lady who after giving Bobby the once over offers him free accommodation if he will decorate the rooms after their decorator let them down at last minute.
Bobby is just about to say he knows nothing about decorating when he turns round, and meets the eyes of the manager, Man what a broad, yeah sure I could do that he finds himself agreeing, and maybe give you a few extras too he thinks!

Here is your room, you can start work in the morning the manager tells him. "My name is Cindy, I hope that you enjoy your stay" she said to Bobby with a knowing look in her eyes.
Bobby looked around, this was classy he just knew he was going to enjoy being in America. Bobby couldn't believe they had room service, and straight away called for a maid. He wasn't even sure what for, but because he could he just did!
"What can I help you with?" the maid asked "Uh I need help working the shower" Dumb he knew, but at least it broke the ice and it wasn't long before they were sharing a steamy bath together!

The next morning, Cindy caught up with Bobby. I would like to show you the rooms I want you to start work on she said, hurriedly dragging him into a vacant room. Bobby was just about to tell her he had deceived her and he could not decorate when she firmly planted a kiss on his lips. Bobby responded eagerly. "Between me and you she said, I know you cant decorate but I couldn't let you just leave. I wanted you and I just know you wanted me!"
Lying back on the bed together, Bobby suddenly had a thought, now that he has gave in to her advances so quickly maybe she will want him to move out. Cindy silences him with a kiss, you are welcome to stay here for as long as you like, you will be company for me, it gets so lonely with no man around the place.
Bobby couldn't believe his luck, not only was she a nympho, but very generous too!

Bobby decided it was time to do a bit of sightseeing, and maybe even send the guys a postcard, telling them about his amazing time. Huey would love to be in his shoes right now, he wasn't sure about Benji though, he had probably fell in love all over again, already.
As for Bobby he was certainly happy to just play the field.

Although Bobby loved the attentions of an older woman, she was becoming something of a hindrance in the hotel bar, where she didn't take her eyes off him all night, and with so many girls here on holiday with their parents, it was becoming too much for Bobby to bear.
But he couldn't really tell her that since she was the one keeping him there in the hotel. All Bobby could do was grin and bear it, at least until he could find a job!
Even during the day she was always on at him, asking him where he was going and who he was seeing. It was fine when they were in bed, but to be perfectly honest she bored the hell out of him most of the time. It was time for some action with someone else, and Bobby knew just where to look.

The beach was packed with scantily clad sunbathers at this time of day trying to top up their tans, and Bobby had no problems finding his target!
"Hi, my name is Bobby and I am new around here, I was wondering if you could show me around?" Bobby asked the girl laying on the sand. Women just love the vulnerable act, thought Bobby as to his amazement she agreed.
The day was spent taking in the sights of the city, but now Bobby knew it was time to make his move. Bobby titled his head towards Clara and leaned in for a kiss, but the moment was ruined when a flash sports car pulled up beside them, and a elderly man who was Clara's father yelled at Clara to get away from that "beach bum" and get in the car immediately!
Clara hurried off promising Bobby she would see him at the beach again tomorrow, and Bobby just knew the day wouldn't be spent sightseeing!

Bobby managed to escape the clutches of Cindy early that morning whilst she was busy sorting out a irate customer. Today was going to be so good!
True to her word Clara was at the beach waiting for Bobby and took him to a secluded part of the beach, where they fell into the sand naked. This is what Summer Holidays are all about thought Bobby smiling.
"Why was your father so upset yesterday?" "Well the thing is, he has had a hard time with my mother, in the past she hasn't been exactly what you would call faithful, and he doesn't want men to take advantage of me". "You are not going to take advantage of me, are you Bobby?" "No, no way I wouldn't do that, baby" Bobby answered. He was so convincing he almost believed it himself!
My father may ease up a little anyway, he has came back to try and sort things out with my mother, but he still hasn't had the courage to go and see her. But I am having such a fun time with you I don't want to even think about other peoples problems.

Bobby went back to the hotel, and unluckily for him Cindy had been looking all over him. I hope you are going to spend some time with me tonight, she said seductively I have to think of someway for you to earn your keep. Of course baby, said Bobby, but it was only to keep her sweet.

Bobby had no chance to go out the next day, which was just fine for him, he didn't want Clara to think there was more to their relationship than a quick romp in the sand, no that was definitely his buddy Benji's department!
"It is my day off today Bobby, so let me treat you, I am going to take you shopping in the finest stores", Cindy announced.
This was beginning to sound good, most of the girls he knew had never even treated him to a coke in Montana never mind anything else!
Choose what you like, it is no problem, Cindy told Bobby as he tried a whole load of expensive clothes on. You look great!
Maybe it wasn't so bad being with Cindy, and to heck with finding a job just yet, he could certainly get used to this kind of treatment for a few more weeks!
Back at the hotel, reception told Cindy that a man and girl had been asking for her, but Cindy wasn't interested in anything to do with work and took Bobby to her room. "You know, your new clothes look great, but they would look even better on my bedroom floor", she said as she unzipped his flies.
Rolling around on the bed, Bobby stopped, did you hear something? "No of course not silly, the staff wouldn't dare come into my room".
Just at that moment the door creaked open and stood in front of them was Clara's father!
"What are you doing with this boy?! First my daughter and now my wife."
"What I don't believe it, you mean you have been with my daughter?" Cindy screamed at Bobby slapping him hard around the face, Get out of here before I kill you!
Bobby quickly gathered his clothes up from the floor and ran though the hotel lobby naked with Clara's father and mother hot on his tail.
Phew what a close shave! Bobby gasped as he pulled his clothes back on, but it wasn't over yet, as he spotted Clara coming around the corner and from the look on her face she knew everything. I have nothing to say to you, she announced and slapped him, even harder than her mother did! Hey wasn't this the kind of thing that only happened to Huey?

Bobby may have lost his clothes, but the clothes he wore for the journey back to Tel Aviv probably cost more than his entire belongings, and now he had just spotted his favourite stewardess Trixie, and things were starting to look up as the plane took off!

Copyright Lindsay Holmes 2002
Please do not publish or use elsewhere without my permission.