When new girl Tammy arrives in town, Benji falls head over heels for her. After trying every trick to get her to date him she finally agrees. 

Everything is going great until Benji wants to take the relationship one step further by sleeping together. They go to Huey's party and Benji thinks that tonight could be the night for them both, but Tammy gets upset with Benji and refuses to sleep with him and after a heated argument she walks out. 

Benji ends up getting drunk at the party as he is upset that Tammy has left him and Huey's girlfriend Martha who has always secretly had feelings for Benji gets into bed with him after being encouraged by her friend Shelly to make a move on him. 

In his drunken state he assumes that it is Tammy, but he realizes just in time that it is actually Martha and he pushes her away, disgusted that she could do such a thing to Huey. Martha confesses to Benji that she is in love with him and is only dating Huey to be closer to him. 
Unknown to them both Bobby has seen them together though, and assumes that they have slept together. 

Bobby is dating Shelly, but as usual he is finding it hard to stay faithful to just one girl and has been seeing Bazook behind her back. 

When Shelly walks into the diner and sees them together she confronts Bobby, but he doesn't care about Shelly and ends up slapping her in the face! Benji and Huey are shocked at Bobby's behaviour and tell him so, but Bobby adds that Benji is not so innocent and tells Huey that he has slept with Martha! 

This ruins things between Benji and Tammy who have recently got back together following their argument at the party, Tammy refuses to have anything to do with Benji and leaves, but Huey although upset by his
friends apparent betrayal manages to forgive Martha and they make up. 

Tammy is so upset that she dates Bobby to get her own back on Benji, but rejects Bobby's advances as she's still in love with Benji. Huey has seen the whole thing, but as revenge he tells Benji that Bobby and Tammy have slept together. 

Benji is furious and when Shelly asks him to leave with her he agrees, but Huey doesn't have it in his heart to keep up the pretence to Benji and tells him the truth that Tammy is still in love with him. 

When Benji confesses his love for her the two get back together. 

1) Benji and Huey think they have found a fool proof way of making money, when they steal empty bottles from the back of a shop and take them back inside to get the deposits! 
Benji meets Tammy and leaves to pursue her leaving Huey in the shop to try and get the money. But things don't turn out as they expected when the shopkeeper notices that all his bottles are missing, and Huey not happy with just trying to con him from some money has been busy stuffing his t shirt with sweets. 
The shopkeeper locks the door and Huey knows he has had it when he gets chased round the shop! 

(2) Bobby goes to Bazoom's house to make out and tells Benji and Huey to come along with him for a piece of the action! 
Benji hides in the wardrobe and Huey hides unconvincingly under the bed, but Bazoom discovers their plan when Huey tries to sneak on top of her and pretend to be Bobby and she tells them to get out, but Huey is put out that he didn't get a chance with Bazoom and asks Bobby to talk her into it. 
Bobby agrees, but he makes a dash with Benji when he sees Bazoom's biker boyfriend arriving, leaving Huey half naked in the bathroom!
The bikers find Huey trying to escape by the window, but he gets stuck halfway, giving them plenty 
of opportunity to beat his ass!

Classic lines taken from the English dubbed version of the movie

Bobby sees Bazook on the back of her boyfriends motorbike:
"Check out those tits" - Bobby

Huey tries to chat up Bazook, to no avail!:
"Have you looked in the mirror lately?!" - Bazook
"Sweetheart, never judge a book by it's cover" - Huey

Bobby considering cheating on Shelly!:
"I thought you had a thing going with her?" - Benji
"What are yer, a social worker? Never pass up a potential piece, that's my philosophy!" - Bobby

Benji returns home from a night out wearing only a newspaper!:
"Where are your clothes" - Aunt Fanny
"He just came from the gym" - Sonia

Benji explains all to Aunt Fanny!:
"Do you always excercise so late at night?" - Aunt Fanny
"Me and my girlfriend do it all the time, we take off our clothes, turn off the ligt and excercise in the dark. I think you should all try it, just take clothes off, turn off the light and have a nice time!" - Benji

Benji tries to talk to Tammy:
"Why dont you stop being a creep and leave me alone?!" - Tammy
"That's it, that's my problem cos I cant stop being a creep, you know, it's in my family for generations, my great grandfather was a creep too!"- Benji

Shelly gets a little jealous of Bobby's interest in Tammy:
"You got the hots for her?" - Shelly
"Baby, you know your the only one I got the hots for" - Bobby

Huey fools the bikers:
"I'll get you for this fatso, I'll break your f*****g ass!" - Bazooks boyfriend

Benji asks when his father kissed his mother for the first time!:
"Before we married we didnt do anything" - Ramek
"We didnt afterwards either" - Sonia

Huey mixes up a little party cocktail:
"Hey guys dive in, this stuff will knock you on your ass" - Huey

Benji tries to get intimate with Tammy, but she is upset:
"I love you more than anything else in the world, I love you, get that through your f***ing stupid head, I love you... What are you crying for? Cos I kissed you, cos I hugged you, cos I dared to touch your precious tits" - Benji

Benji finds that Martha is trying to seduce him:
"Get dressed, you stupid bitch!" - Benji

Bobby spots Bazook coming into the diner:
"Excuse me, but I think I'll go get laid" - Bobby
"Aren't you going to share it with your buddys?" - Huey
"If you want to make it a gang bang, then follow me, but keep it quiet, hey!" - Bobby

Huey tries to fool Bazook into beliving he is Bobby!:
"What's going on?" - Bazook
"It's me, Bobby, dont you recognise my voice?" - Huey

Bazook figures out their plan and tells them to get out!:
"It's not fair, you said she was going to let us do it" - Huey
"Didnt you see, you almost give her a nervous breakdown" - Bobby
"Talk her into it" - Huey

Bobby assures Bazook that HUey is out of the way!":
"It's okay, Dont worry, chubbys in the bathroom" - Bobby

Benji's mother is concerned about her fish!:
"Whats happening to my fish?" - Sonia
"They bit me!" - Benji
"Where?" - Sonia
"On the nuts" - Benji
"On the... Oh my god, this kid will give me a heart attack" - Sonia

Bobby humiliates Shelly in the diner:
"You wanna know what I think? I'm fed up with you, just get out of here, f*** off.
Hey guys, anybody horny?, Shelly here's putting out!" - Bobby
"You stinking son of a bitch!" - Shelly

Huey is feeling sorry for himself after finding out about Benji and Martha:
"You think I dont know everybody laughs about me?, fat Huey, high school joke!" - Huey

Bobby tries to work his seduction on Tammy but her heart is still with Benji:
"I love him" - Tammy
"Who?" - Bobby
"You know" - Tammy
"So what are you playing games with me for?" - Bobby
"I'm sorry I just wanted to get back at him" - Tammy

Benji tries to make Tammy give him a second chance:
"Say you love me, or I'll jump" - Benji
"I hate you!" - Tammy

Benji and Tammy are back together:
"How about you and me going steady?" - Benji