Benji has a girlfriend named Doris who he thinks he is in love with, but his feelings are put to the test when an old flame, Nikki comes back into his life. 

Frustrated that Doris wont sleep with him he is unable to resist Nikki  who makes it clear she is more than willing, the two start dating unbeknown to Doris who is hopelessly in love with Benji and thinks that he feels the same. 

Nikki encourages Benji to dump Doris, but before he has chance to tell her Doris catches them together and is heartbroken. Benji is upset that he has hurt Doris, but he thinks that it is for the best and he is better off with Nikki anyway. 

Meanwhile things become even more complicated when Benji's cousin Frieda comes to visit from Germany when everyone from Bobby, Huey and even Benji's father lust after her! 

Bobby and Huey warn Benji that Nikki is bad news, but Benji doesn't want to listen and tries to ignore the fact that she flirts with everyone. He finally begins to think that maybe they are right after being humiliated by Nikki again and after she accuses him of being possessive he finally sees her true colours, and realizes that he should never have left Doris for a girl like her. 

Benji leaves Nikki and buys flowers to try and make up with Doris. He knows that it is her he really wants but will she take him back?! Of course she will! 

1(1) The guys go for a piano lesson, as they have heard that the teacher is a nympho! Bobby gets more than a lesson in playing piano, but Huey makes the mistake of saying he's an advanced player and ends up with a lesson from the wrong sister, who chases him out of the house after giving him a beating with her slipper! 

(2) When Benji's cousin Frieda comes to stay, she flirts with Ramek, Benji's father making him believe he has a chance with her. He attempts to play footsie under the table with her, but with a little interference from Benji ends up caressing his wife's sister with his foot, of course blaming it on Benji! 

(3) Huey's girlfriend Martha has arranged for some girls to be Benji and Bobby's dates for the night, but things don't go as planned when Benji gets stuck with a sullen girl who is more interested in eating peanuts than making out! Just when he finally starts to get somewhere with her by taking a pair of scissors to her bra strap, in walk his parents who see Martha coming out of the bedroom topless and Bobby chasing his half naked date! 

(4) Huey thinks tonight is the night with his girlfriend Martha, but she is shy and tells him she wont get undressed with him in the room, so he goes out on the balcony to count to a hundred whilst she undresses. Unbeknown to him Benji's parents have broken up the party and everyone has left, but Huey is still waiting on the balcony! Sonia, Benji's mother goes to bed to get over the shock, and Huey gets into bed with her thinking she is Martha, which results in him getting chased out of the house by Benji's parents! 

(5) Bobby gets it on with Benji's cousin Frieda, but when it comes to Huey's turn they somehow manage to get stuck together. Benji gets them both in the shower, but as Huey is coming out of the shower he is spotted by Benji's father who gives him a beating!

Classic lines taken from the English dubbed version of the movie

Huey is frustrated that he cant see in the girls shower room!:
"I was the guy that cut the hole there!" - Huey
"Well I'd go cut another then!" - Bobby

Huey climbs on the roof to get a better view, with a little help from Victor:
"Come on, push hard" - Huey
"I'm no weight lifter, push yourself up!" - Victor

The guys take Huey's money to buy drinks after burying him in sand!:
"Keep your hands off the pants, just forget it!" - Huey
"Shut your face, I'll only take a little" - Bobby
"You never pay back, you owe me" - Huey
"Write it in your little book Huey!" - Benji

The guys bet on the colour of their teachers knickers:
"Well let's find us another victim" - Huey
"Are you game to bet on the colour of Miss Bigbottoms pants?" - Benji

Benji wants to go further with Doris:
"Don't get mad" - Doris
"I'm fed up of this, you better grow up Doris, all my friends have been sleeping with their girlfriends a long time" - Benji
"It isn't that I don't want to" - Doris
"That's bullshit, you want to stay a old maid, the rest of your life, huh?" - Benji

Benji finds his parents stash of condoms!:
"Why must you always touch things that are of no concern" - Ramek
"I just asked what it is" - Benji
"What, what it's a new full box of buttons, useful only your mothers business!" - Ramek

Benji is bored of waiting for Martha and her friends:
"There's gonna be a orgy, and your splitting!" - Bobby

Bobby welcomes Martha and her friends:
"Welcome to our little snake pit"- Bobby

Miriam tells Benji that his charm wont work with her!:
"I'm on to your action, and I got some news for you, your going to get nothing from me" - Miriam

Huey thinks they have struck lucky with the girls:
"Boy do they have hot pants!" - Huey

Benji thinks they are virgins:
"There a couple of virgins" - Benji
"There virgins like I'm tall, dark and handsome!" - Huey

Benji's parents arrive home early!:
"I'm going to have a heart attack, they make my home a whore house!" - Sonia

Huey waiting on the balcony whilst Martha gets undressed!:
"75, 77, do you hear me, I'm almost finished, 85, 87, 91, 97, 98, 99, BINGO!" - Huey

Victor makes fun of Huey's manhood, and receives a beating:
"Yours is so tiny you lost sight of it, when he masturbates he needs someone to help him find it... hehe... Keep your hands off tub of lard!" - Victor

Benji explains to Nikki why he was late, after being out with Doris!:
"What took you so long, I was worried" - Nikki
"I had trouble getting rid of this clinging vine" - Benji

The tailor tries to convince Benji that his trousers are perfect!:
"They fit like a tomato, they make you look like a rich person, in fact I would say they suit you so well you look like a royal prince, would I lie?!" - The Tailor
"There too old looking, very big and ugly as hell. I want black or nothing, you hear!" - Benji
"My god, who wears black in these terrible times, they're not even fashionable.
These pants were made in the ultimate style, the same as the ones, whats the name of that singer, the American?" - The Tailor
"You mean Elvis Presley" - Sonia
"Elvis Presler" - The Tailor

Nikki tells it like it is!:
"You better get this straight, I'm free to have as many boyfriends as I damn well feel like having!" - Nikki

Huey has got something to tell the guys, which he doesn't want the girls knowing!:
"No it's not for your delicate ears, it's just for the boys, you understand" - Huey

Huey tries to tell them the hot gossip!:
"What's got you hot Huey, your sweating like a hog?" - Bobby
"You'll sweat too when you hear what I got to tell you" - Huey
"So talk tubby" - Victor
"Why don't you put a zipper on your mouth?" - Huey
"Go on tell us, never mind!" - Benji

Bobby gets his money's worth!:
"She should give up piano and take up flute" - Bobby

The piano teacher asks Huey where he would like to start:
"Whatever turns you on, I don't care" - Huey

Huey wants to get down to business, but he has chosen the wrong teacher!:
"Would you know how to teach the flute?" - Huey
"Of course I know how to do it, however you are here for another reason!" - The piano teacher

Benji tells Doris the reason he is with Nikki!:
"Listen, if you want to stay a virgin it's your business okay, as for yours truly I'm sick and tired of jerking myself off, you hear" - Benji

Doris lets Nikki and Benji know how upset she is:
"Let the pig get it off her chest once and for all, it's amusing" - Nikki

Bobby tells Benji that Nikki is so no good for him:
"If I had eyes to f*** her, I could f*** her just like that, and not only me the c**** is out f****** the whole frigging town!" - Bobby

Benji has finally had enough of Nikki:
"You know what you are?" - Benji
"No, what?" - Nikki
"You are nothing but a whore, that's what you are" - Benji
"I'm not listening anymore" - Nikki
"You better damn well listen" - Benji

Nikki criticizes Doris:
"Don't talk about her, I'll put a fist in your face!"- Benji