Gary, Rick and David are buddies whos days are spent chasing girls, but Gary only wants one girl and is smitten with the new girl in town Karen.

After asking her out on a date she turns him down, but he soon sees why when she arrives at Davids party with his confident best friend Rick. Gary  knows that Rick  doesnt care for Karen, but is just using her to steal her virginity and this makes Gary  angry as he knows he has more
to offer Karen than Rick ever could.

After working his charm on Karen, Rick sleeps with her, but soon after she announces that she is pregnant with his baby. Rick no longer wants anything to do with Karen, now that he has had his fun and tells her not to bother him anymore.

Gary who is in love with Karen from afar sees the predictment that Karen's in, and after a bust up with Rick vows to support Karen by helping her to get an abortion.

He sells his things in order to pay for it, and they become close and kiss. Gary thinks that his wish to be with Karen has come true and he tells her that he is in love with her.

Gary thinks Karen has forgotton all about Rick and he buys her an engraved locket for her birthday, but his happiness is not meant to last and he is devastated to find them back together in each others arms, it seems that she has always been in love with Rick and has forgiven him.

Gary leaves hurt and humilated that Karen could use him like that.