Release Date: 1994
Country: Tel Aviv, Israel.

Director: Yiftach Katzur
Producers: David Silber, Micky Rabinovitz

Starring: Yiftach Katzur, Zachi Noy, Anat Atzmon, Dan Turgeman.

Lemonade" is a comic television series focusing on four school friends, at the age of thirty something, who try, each in his own way, to cope with life and with each other. Directed by Lemon Popsicle star Yiftach Katzur, it was planned as a Lemon Popsicle style series, but only a pilot was ever made.

Yiftach lives with Galit. She is a student earning her living as a flight attendant. He is a promising stock market broker, still scrambling for his first million. They are struggling with the question of long term 'commitment'.

Zachi is married to Miri. Their teenage daughter Nofar is in a constant battle for her independence, reminding them of their own adolescence. The family lives and works in a small shabby, dilapidated hotel owned by Miri's father which Zachi dreams of inheriting some day.

Dan and Anat, who married during their university years, are experiencing a deep crisis in their marriage.

Anat is a brilliant attorney absorbed by her career. Dan is a trainer at a fitness club that he dreams of acquiring. Anat's biological clock is ticking, but Dan isn't ready for fatherhood. He doesn't quite grasp that life has already began...