Benji, Bobby and Huey are three 17 year olds on the brink of manhood. Their days are spent chasing girls and hanging out at Montana, the local ice cream parlour. Bobby is the more confident of the three guys and has the most luck with the girls, which causes problems when Benji falls for the new girl at school, Nikki.

Benji tries to get her to date him but she seems to prefer Bobby and starts seeing him.  He knows that Bobby is not in love with Nikki, but is just using her to steal her virginity and this makes Benji angry as he knows he has more to offer Nikki than Bobby ever could. Nikki cant see through Bobby though and begins to fall for his charm. When the inevitable happens and Bobby sleeps with Nikki for the first time she becomes pregnant, but Bobby just doesn't want to know and tells her to stop hassling him. 

She confides in Benji who tells her not to worry as from now on he will take care of her. While their school friends are on a trip they make plans to get Nikki an abortion and hide out at Benji's grandmothers house.  Benji sells his things in order to pay for the abortion, and Nikki is touched by his kindness. He finally admits that he is in love with her and always has been, and they tenderly kiss for the first time. 

Benji has fallen for Nikki and hopes that she feels the same. He orders her an engraved locket for her birthday to prove his love for her, but is devastated when he walks into the party and see's her back in Bobby's arms! It seems that Nikki never really got over Bobby, and Benji leaves broken hearted.

The guys visit Stella at home, after being told by Benji that she is nymphomaniac. Bobby quickly gets it on with her, but when it comes to Huey, Bobby and Benji find the sight of his bare butt through the keyhole hilarious and Huey gets caught coming out of the bedroom just as Stella's boyfriend Johnny arrives home, resulting in him being chased from the house in just his underwear!

Classic lines taken from the English dubbed version of the movie

The guys discussing their favourite subject, girls!:
"They ain't virgins, you can tell by the way they walk, ain't that so Bobby?!" - Huey

Huey tries to chat up a couple of girls, but doesn't get the response he was hoping for!
"Move buster, your spoiling the view" - The girls
"The best view around is my beautiful face!" - Huey

Bobby tries to help his friend get a date, but Benji is not impressed!:
"What you afraid of, Stick around, man,  maybe you'll get laid" - Bobby
"Not with freaks like that" - Benji
"Their not so bad" - Bobby
"You mean you could screw those two over there?" - Benji
"If Huey can do it, I bet you can too" - Bobby
"Oh bullshit, Huey doesn't even know what screwing's all about" - Benji

Huey talking about girls in the diner:
"Man, Look at them, fresh for the picking" - Huey

The guys leave poor Huey behind!:
"Are you done with your buddy?" - The girls
" Split with us now"- Bobby

Huey's response!:
"You couple of bastards" - Huey

The guys have a biggest tool contest:
"It ain't no dick, it's more like a monster" - Benji

Benji asks Huey about Nikki, the new girl in town
"You'll strain your eye balls pal" - Huey
"Do you know her?" - Benji
"Who the four eyed broad?" - Huey
"No, the other one, turkey!" - Benji
"That's Niki" - Huey
"Niki?" - Benji
"Yeah, a new babe in town" - Huey

Benji taking a bath when he is interrupted by his mother
"Benji, what are you doing there?" - Sonia
"Baking a cake!" - Benji
"Turn that radio down immediatly, do you think you live alone" - Sonia
"Ah, stop your nagging" - Benji
"Don't talk to me like that, better remember I'm your mother" - Sonia

Benji is ready for a night out:
"Ramek, your not going to let him leave the house dressed up like a gangster" - Sonia

Huey gives Benji some advice about Nikki:
"Benji, let me say, since she's met our boy Bobby, you might as well forget her. Sure wish I knew Bobby's technique for pulling in all the girls, bet it's that golden prick that they love!" - Huey

Time for a slow dance:
"It's time for a little more passion,  come on casanova, hey, put some soul into it baby!" - Huey

Bobby and Nikki discuss Benji and Martha:
"I'd like to see them hit it off, huh" - Niki
"Have we done that?" - Bobby
"What" - Nikki
"Hit it off" - Bobby

Benji asks Huey to give Nikki his regards:
"You tell her that I love her forever more" - Benji
"Sure Benny, I'll tell her that your love is highly spiritual" - Huey

The guys go to Stella's house:
"Hey man, she's dynamite" - Bobby
"Pretty hot stuff, huh" - Benji
"Are you sure she does it for free?" - Huey
"Positive, she loves it" - Benji

The guys visit Ze Ze the hooker, and she is keen to get things over and done with quickly!:
"Come on, move your fat ass, time is money" - Ze Ze

Bobby has a suggestion for getting rid of crabs after catching them from Ze Ze!:
"Bobby, are you positive water will drown these crabs?" - Huey
"Positive" - Bobby
"I thought animals liked water?" - Huey
"Not fleas or lice!" - Bobby

The guys visit the chemist with their problem!:
"You mean your balls itch? Crabs at such a young age, young men are not what they used to be"
- Chemist

Benji asks Victor where Bobby has taken Nikki:
"Then to the river to give her a real good shagging!" - Victor

Bobby brags to Benji how he has taken Nikki's virginity:
"Why I copped her cherry" - Bobby
"What?" - Benji
"I screwed her, didn't I!" - Bobby
"Your lying!" - Benji
"I took her in a boat, honest I did, and I f***ked her, alright" - Bobby.

Benji reminds Bobby that Nikki is pregnant:
"I may have screwed her, who says I was the only one" - Bobby

Benji goes a bit OTT declaring his love for Nikki!:
"I love you Nikki, from the first day, but I didn't know how to tell you, I love you Nikki and I know it's forever, I love you Nikki"  - Benji