Olga Spondorf
Name in hebrew: אולגה שפאנדורף

Olga Spondorf was born on Febuary 14th, 1925. She began her acting career with the first Lemon Popsicle movie, starring in a reoccurring role as Benji's Aunt, o
ften seen playing cards with Benji's mother Sonia, she is always around to witness Benji coming home drunk (Lemon Popsicle), nude (Going Steady) and making a fool of his father in front of cousin Frieda (Hot Bubblegum).

Her last Popsicle appearance was in Up Your Anchor as she waved Benji off to sea alongside his weeping mother. According to most sources the Popsicle movies are the only films she ever starred in. Olga died in 2005 at the age of 79.

Olga Spondorf in Popsicle Movies:


Up Your Anchor - Lemon Popsicle 6 (1985) 
Private Popsicle (1982) 
Hot Bubblegum - Lemon Popsicle 3 (1981) 
Going Steady - Lemon Popsicle 2 (1979)
Lemon  Popsicle (1978)