Original Title
: אסקימו לימון: החגיגה נמשכת
‎(Hahagiga Nimshehet)

Production Company: The Globus Company

Release Date: 2001

Country: Tel Aviv, Israel.

Alternative Titles: Eis am Stiel 2001 - Die neue Generation (Germany), Lody Na Patyku 9 (Poland),
Lemon Popsicle 2001 (Thailand).

In 2001, the Globus’ company produced a new Lemon Popsicle movie titled, The Party Goes On. The production was originally intended as a television series but the episodes shot were eventually edited and released as a feature length film.

The completed film recreates scenes from earlier Popsicle movies and as such was subject to a lawsuit when Boaz Davidson claimed to own the rights to the movie series.

The director of Private Manoeuvres, Tzvi Shissel, was brought in to helm the movie, with original Popsicle co-creator Eli Tavor penning the story for the film.

A cast of virtually unknown actors were selected to reprise the three leading roles. Starring as Benji was Elad Stephansky. Originally the role of Bobby was offered to model Yair Martin who was serving in the army. However, Ido lev, stepson of Yoram Globus, was later deemed more suitable for the part. To complete the trio, Singer/entertainer Niki Goldstien was selected as Huey.

Zachi Noy returned for the Party Goes On as the owner of the Montana Ice Cream parlour. He agreed to the role under the hope that the project would stand a greater chance of sucess as a television series but was disapointed when it was eventually turned into a film.

It wouldn't be a Popsicle movie without the girls, and a host of buxom young actress were chosen for the movie. Amongst them was aspring actress Shani Aloni, looking for her big break into acting, was cast as Tammi in a role similar to that played by Anat Atzmon and Yvonne Miklosh in the earlier movies.

The resulting film didnt prove to be very successful with auidences or fans who felt that it failed to capture the magic of the Popsicle movies, and instead offered a pale comparrison. Party Goes On is rarely considered as part of the Lemon Popsicle series of movies, and has not been released officially anywhere in the world.