When Benji meets Laisa, the owner of Montana's daughter, he is smitten. Problem is she has a over protective father Yehuda, who is only too aware of boys like Benji and watches her and his wife's every move. 

Bobby is more interested in Rina, but realizes it may not be as easy as he thinks to get a date with her, as she has a boyfriend, Yaki,  who is the leader of the biker gang. This doesn't stop him thinking of ways to see her, even though he gets punched for his trouble and warned away from her.

Benji manages to finally get a date with Laisa, but she seems uptight and he cant seem to get anywhere with her.
She soon opens up when Bobby turns his attentions to her on their double date with Rina, leaving Benji dismayed that she seems to be having more fun fooling around with Bobby topless in the pool!

Realizing that Laisa is not really interested in him, Benji soon forgets all about her when he sees new girl Tammy moving in across the street from him. He pursues her and they start dating, Benji cant believe his luck, and hopes that Tammy feels the same about him.

When a new music teacher starts working at the school, the male students are queuing up for lessons with her, but is Bobby who gets lucky and manages to get more than he bargained for at her music lesson!

One day at school Tammy meets Bobby who in his and it soon becomes clear that she is attracted to him, and is jealous of his relationship with Laisa. When Benji suggests they go another date, Tammy cools things off with him and turns up to the very party Benji asked her to with Bobby on her arm.

Benji is furious that Bobby could steal another girl from him, and gets drunk making a fool of himself in front of everyone. Martha meanwhile has a crush on Benji and sees this as an ideal opportunity to make her move on him, upsetting Huey in the process who cares for Martha. 
Benji is not interested in Martha, and in his drunken state upsets her, and she leaves with Tammy. Huey follows Martha and tries to console her, but she snubs him and leaves Huey heartbroken.

Bobby tries to make amends with Benji by telling him about Helga, a nympho laundry shop owner. The guys go to visit her, but their fun is spoilt by the arrival of her husband!

Laisa is still determined to be with Bobby and regardless of the fact he is now with Tammy, he isn't concerned until Laisa tells Tammy he is still seeing her. 
Tammy is furious and after slapping Bobby she makes him jealous by flirting with his enemy Yaki.
They leave Montana together arm in arm, but Tammy begins to wish she hadn't bothered when he takes her to a secluded lovers lane and gets fresh with her. Froike who just so happens to be enjoying a peepshow of the courting couples, sees Tammy struggling with Yaki and sets of to tell the guys.

Benji immediately rushes to help Tammy and after a fight with the biker manages to pull her to safety. Tammy is grateful for Benji's help and they cuddle. Benji is happy and begins to think that Tammy perhaps wants him back, but his illusions are shattered when she spots Bobby and quickly turns to him instead, leaving Benji sad and alone.