Anat Atzmon
(ענת עצמון)
Born November 27th 1958. Anat Atzmon is a famous actress and singer and comes from a family with experience in the entertainment business... Read More

Yvonne Miklosh (איבון מיקלוש)
Born 26th August 1958,Hungary. After starring in Going Steady, Yvonne was in a legal dispute with the film makers for using nude footage in the film which was never agreed to...
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Dafna Armoni (דפנה ארמוני)
Born 13th March 1956, Israel. Dafna Armoni was born in Kibutz Revivim and has a strong background in the arts. Studying music at the London Music College she became a member of the Sheffield youth orchestra... Read More

Ariella Rabinovich (אריאלה רבינוביץ')
Ariella Rabinovich began her acting career with small roles in Lemon Popsicle and Rega'im before being cast as Benji's girlfriend Doris in Hot Bubblegum... Read More

Orna Dagan (אורנה דגן)
According to most sources the german actress, Orna Dagan has only ever appeared in a cameo role in Going Steady in 1979, and the main lead in Hot Bubblegum in 1981... Read More

Sonja Martin
Born in 1962 Sonja Martin grew up in Austria and studied medicine before moving into acting. She began her acting career in 1982 in the movie "Die Unglaublichen Abenteuer des Guru Jakob, which also starred Zachi Noy... Read More

Stephanie Petsch

Stefanie Petsch began her career in 1984 as Gini in Baby Love She went on to star in "Wie treu ist Nik?" in 1986, which according to most sources is her last known film... Read More

Petra Morzè
Born 10th October 1964, Austria as Petra Kogelnik. After completing her acting training at the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts... Read More

Elfi Eschke
Born 8th December, 1950 in Bremen, Germany. Elfi attended the School of Music and Theater in Hamburg, before making her first small appearances in TV roles and soon went on to became a very popular radio drama spokeswoman...Read More

Silvia B. Pitz (Sissi Pitz)
Silvia began her career in the entertainment business by modelling for Playboy magazine. 
She moved onto movies after been spotted by the producer of Lemon Popsicle who offered her a screen test... Read More

Ophelia Shtruhl (אופליה שטראל)
Born 7th September 1940 in Romania. Ophelia began her career at the age of 15 when she appeared on stage. In 1960 she immigrated to Israel, already with an impressive repertoire of roles... Read More

Sybille Rauch
Born 14th June 1960 In Germany. Sybille was first discovered in 1979 when she first appeared in Playboy. She was soon starring in soft erotic films, which lead to various guest appearances in the Popsicle films, Hot Bubblegum, Private Manoeuvres, Young Love and Summertime Blues... Read More

Christine Zierl (Dolly Dollar)

Born as Christina Giannakopoulos on July 12th, 1962 in Munich, Germany. Christine was discovered by producer Karl Spiehs and began her movie career in the 1978 comedy Popcorn and Ice Cream starring alongside Zachi Noy and Bea Fiedler... Read More

Bea Fiedler
Bea Fiedler was born on June 28th, 1957 in Düsseldorf, Germany. While working as a hairdresser she was discovered by a photographer and became Playmate of the month in Germany's Playboy... Read More

Christiane Schmidtmer

Born as Christel Schmidtmer on December 24th, 1939, in Mannheim, Germany. Worked on the stage in Germany during the early 60's then turned to modelling before starting her movie career... Read More

Renate Langer

Born on May 20th, 1956, in Munich, Germany. Was still in school when she was scouted by a modelling agency. Went on to appear in various adult magazine along with making televison and film appearances... Read More

Sabine Mucha

Former Adult magazine model, appearring in the German Playboy. Made her first movie in 1984 The Story Of The Dolls and later went on to appear in Up Your Anchor... Read More

Eva Astor

Born as Ingrid Schoellhornn on March 3rd 1944, in Graz, Austria. Started her acting career in the early 1960's before becoming a singer in the 70's... Read More