Original Title
: סבבה ‎(Sababa)

Production Company: The Cannon Film Group

Release Date: 1983

Country: Tel Aviv, Israel.

Alternative Titles: Eis am Stiel 4  Hasenjagd 2 (German), Pig's Army: Manovre d'Assalto (Italy), Les Loufoques (France), Los otros Juegos de Guerra (Spain), Kreisit sotaharjoitukset (Finland), Repp med pepp (Norway), Lumpar gubbar (Sweden), Galna manövern (Sweden), Hot Bubblegum op Herhaling (Netherlands), Recrutas da Pesada 2 (Portugal), Boot Camp 2 (Canada).

After the success of Private Popsicle, the makers decided to make a spin off the following year. Most of the cast and crew from Private Popsicle returned but Yiftach Katzur and Jonathan Sagall didnt participate, instead leaving Zachi Noy and Joseph Shiloah to lead the cast of Private Manoeuvres.

The film is directed by Tzvi Shissel, who also makes a brief appearance in the movie.