It is back to basic training for Huey and the squad and this time Sgt Ramierez is determined to succeed  and prove himself to Captain Fletcher but as usual, Huey has plenty of pranks up his sleeve to make a fool out of him.

Nothing much has changed for Sgt 'Rammit' Ramierez, he still cant escape from his demanding girlfriend Marshmallow, who is insists that they marry as soon as possible but with Rammit's keen eye for the ladies, he is never going to be faithful to her.

With the arrival of a female Norwegian Officer, Huey and Rammit are keen to get it on with her. Rammit's plans for a night of passion are ruined when Huey adds bromide to his meal which was intended for the soldiers.

When the annual manoeuvres test comes along, Captain Fletcher is determind that his squad will win after being beaten every year by a rival squad lead by Captain Shag but this proves to be no easy task for the lazy squad. Rammit enlists Huey to help him spy on the rival squad and steal their plans to help win the test but with these guys, winning was never gonna be easy!