Original Title
: ספיחס ‎(Sapiches)

Production Company: The Cannon Film Group

Release Date: 1st January 1982

Country: Tel Aviv, Israel.

Alternative Titles
: Eis am Stiel 4 Hasenjagd (Germany), Boot Camp (Canada), Galna grabbar i armén (Sweden), Caramelo De Limon (Spain), Le Tombeur, le Frimeur et l'allumeuse (France), Reclute e seduttori (Italy).

The fourth installment of the movies, Private Popsicle, is set around the trio’s misadventures in the Israeli army. It was also the last of the Lemon Popsicle movies to be helmed by Boaz Davidson. The director felt that he was beginning to repeat old material and invent things that didn't happen to him.

The films story had now moved leaps and bounds away from the blend of comedy and drama and was now mostly purely slapstick comedy tailored around the plot, rather than the reverse which was displayed in earlier Popsicle movies.

Filming of the movie took only seven weeks to complete with a budget of one million dollars. For it's authenticity, scenes for the movie were filmed at a military base in Park Afek near to Rosh Aiin. Another memorable scene in the film sees the three actors perform in drag and was filmed at a hotel in Ramat Aviv.

Austrian born Sonja Martin joined the cast as Benji's love interest in Private Popsicle. The model and actress proved to be a popular choice with Popsicle makers and also starred alongside Zachi Noy in Die Unglaublichen Abenteuer des Guru Jakob around the same time.

To promote the films release, Sonja Martin joined Yiftach Katzur on a promotional tour of Japan, and Zachi Noy around Germany, where the films were becoming more and more popular with each installment.

To cater for the growing trend and demand of more nudity and sex from the films German investors, Playboy model Bea Fiedler was cast as the bored housewife who satisfies the boys sexual urges before joining the army.

Lemon Popsicle Forever favourite Joseph Shiloah was cast as the randy Sgt. Ramirez. The veteran actor Shiloah hailed from long acting roots in his career before being cast in Private Popsicle as the drill Sergeant and the source of ridicule and amusement for the boys in the film, a role which amused audiences alike.

The film proved to be popular, and even spawned it's own Spin off feature, Private Manoeuvres, featuring most of the Private Popsicle cast, minus Yiftach Katzur and Jonathan Sagall.