Huey, Bobby, and Benji have been drafted into the army, and celebrate their last free night out by seducing a woman as they know there will be no chance of girls once they are in the army. 

The next morning they arrive at the camp and meet their Sgt major who is determined to get them in shape!  Determined to have a good time, the boys disguise themselves as Captains so that they can sneak out for the night and Benji soon falls head over heels in love when he notices Renee a private from the women's section of the camp asleep on the job.She agrees to a date with him, but she doesn't know that he is only a soldier like herself. 

The boys go along to meet Renee the next night with her friends, but their plan is ruined when they notice the Sgt Major and his girlfriend.
The girls get sent back to their barracks and to escape the boys dress up as woman to perform a act on stage, with the Sgt being well and truly smitten with Huey who he thinks is actually Julie! 

He manages to get rid of his girlfriend and goes back stage where Bobby and Benji tell him "Julie" would be delighted to go back to his place, and it is up to poor Huey to fight off his amorous advances! 

Benji manages to convince Renee that he was called away urgently and she agrees to meet him again, but their romance is short lived when she discovers that he lied and he is not really a Captain after seeing him training with the rest of the soldiers. 

Benji is sorry for deceiving her, but he knows she wouldn't have agreed to date him otherwise, but Renee tells him she never wants to see him again. After trying to make her forgive him, Bobby and Huey come to rescue and persuade her to get back with Benji!

(1) To escape from Sgt Ramierz the boys dress as women to sing and dance on stage, and Huey is particulary convincing as Julie who Ramierz falls for! When he comes back stage Huey is forced to go back to his place, and Ramierez has trouble keeping his hands off him! Huey is saved just in time when Ramirez spots his girfriend coming and Huey escapes through the window! 

(2) On their last night of freedom the boys meet a woman, who needs help in getting her drunken husband home. The boys happily oblige and it is not long before Bobby follows her in the bedrom whilst Benji and Huey keep her husband busy in the living room. When it comes to Huey's turn her husband decides he wants to go to bed, and walks in the room while Huey and the woman are together on the bed! She manages to convince her husband he is dreaming, but he soon figures out what is going on and chases Huey out of the house! 

(3) Marshmallow thinks that Ramierz is cheating on her, so she goes to Benji's house thinking he is hiding out there. Benji's mother and father Sonia and Romek are horrified when they mistakenly think she is Benji's new girlfriend! 

(4) Huey and Benji want weekend passes, so they pretend to the doctor that they are gay lovers! Huey pretends to be obsessed with sex, so the doctor gives Benji his pass just to get some rest from Huey. But it turns out that the doctor just wants Huey for himself, telling him that as soon as he gets his ass he will get his pass and strips off his doctors uniform to reveal a womans basque and chases him around the barracks!

Classic lines taken from the English dubbed version of the movie

Bobby gets a bit of action with Ava!:
"Okay you better strip now" - Bobby

Benji's parents try to wake Benji, for his induction in the army:
"Have you people gone crazy? Why is the radio so loud?" - Father
"Do you know a different way to wake his royal highness?" - Mother

Benji's mother wants Benji to make a good impression:
"I want to see your hair combed for a change, i don't want the army to see what a bum you are on the first day!" - Mother

Benji's mother gives a bit of motherly advice:
"Benji, I have one favour to ask of you, don't drink any marijuana" - Mother

Huey gets into a argument with a fellow soldier, until Bobby intervenes!:
"Watch where the hell your going, you big lard ass" - Soldier
"Watch that mouth of yours, yer big dummy" - Huey
"You better shut your face before I take it apart" - Soldier
"Contain your ass" - Huey
"Hold it pal, enough" - Bobby
"What are you? His lawyer?" - Soldier
"No, just his bodyguard" - Bobby
"Get the message?" - Huey

Huey tries to convince Benji's mother he will take care of her son!:
"I'll teach your son to be a good soldier, don't worry" - Huey
"I know what you can teach him, I heard about it!" - Benji's mother

Sgt Rammit welcomes the soldiers to his barracks!:
"This is no damned whorehouse, and no rest home" - Rammit

Rammit gives the guys some army advice!:
"You must forget your mamma's as your no longer children, you may judge yourselves as men now, with big penis and balls! - Rammit

Rammit has a name for his soldiers!:
"I shall be calling you my wanking peasants" - Rammit

Rammit tells the guys they must forget all about women:
"What you see over the fence is women, so put all naughty thoughts behind you. You must take yourself in hand, it be understood?" - Rammit

Rammit gets acquainted with  Huey!:
"I'm talking to you kitbag" - Rammit
"Don't call me kitbag, my names Huey" - Huey
"If I say your a kitbag, your a kitbag" - Rammit
"What the f*** is all this crap?, I said what the f*** is all this shit" - Rammit
"His name is Huey" - Benji
"Who said that?" - Rammit
"I did" - Benji
"Nobody asked you Sardine. As for you kitbag, what's all this, you brought your own bazaar?" - Rammit
"That's no bazaar, that's my supplies" - Huey
"Your what?" - Rammit
"Supplies" - Huey
"Supplies, I'm not hearing you" - Rammit
"What?" - Huey
"Dont answer back to me, when a MCO asks you a question say my supplies Sir" - Rammit
"Oh it's not your stuff Sir, these are things I brought from home" - Huey

Rammit wants to teach Huey a lesson:
"Now you will see what happens to a jelly belly, when he tries to get cute, by taking the piss out of his MCO" - Rammit

Benji doesn't think it is fair:
"You got a bee in your bollocks, Sardine?"- Rammit 

Rammit gives Huey some exercise:
"Look at that sackful of blubber there, have no pity for him, that man is so lonely, he makes me want to cry!" - Rammit

Sgt Rammit is determined to get Huey fit:
"Ill turn you into a belly dancer, instead of a pregnant penguin!" - Rammit 
"I'll slim you to needle width, you big fat ass!" - Rammit

Captain Samantha makes Huey run!:
"I cant stand you fat buggers, faster fatso faster" - Captain

Bobby tries to get a date with the army nurse:
"How about us getting together later?" - Bobby
"How about a large enema?!" - Nurse

Rammit tells the men they need haircuts!:
"This is no jungle, you cant run around with a forest on your head like the ape man tarzan!" - Rammit 

Rammit warns the men about head lice:
"Creepy crawlies known as lice, are really not very nice" - Rammit

Rammit has arranged for the men to get haircuts!:
"I have arranged appointments for you at the Salon Michele, a little sheep shearing party!" - Rammit

Huey has trouble keeping in step with the other soldiers:
"Kitbag, get your feet in step with the swing of your bollocks" - Rammit

Capt Samantha tells the barber to do a good job on Huey's hair!:
"I want it shorter than the fluff on his cock" - Capt
"That's more like Yul Brynner eh?, thought he was Mick Jagger hey?

Marshmallow gives Rammit a warning!:
"I'll deck yer, if you don't come tonight!" - Marshmallow

Rammit tries to sweeten up Marshmallow:
"Curried bun, I will be coming with some fried rice and pitaschio nuts to warm your sweet and tender heart" - Rammit

Rammit sings Benji a lullaby!:
"Rock a bye Benji, you are so sad, missing your mommy missing your dad, your sergeant loves you more than 
you know, and if he says sleep to sleep you shall go" - Rammit

The Captain on inspection of the barracks:
"Are you telling me that these wankers are afraid to sleep in here?" - Captain
"No captain, it is only this small wanker, the others have no problem" - Rammit

Rammit is at the end of his tether with Huey!:
"Kitbag, I wish I never seen your bloody big tits" - Rammit

Huey spies on the girls taking a shower!:
"I've never seen so much ass in one place, oh god it's unbelievable, it's every set of tits a winner" - Huey

Marshmallow catches Huey spying on her girls!:
"Dont give us any shit, or I'll tear off your ass and crush your balls!" - Marshmallow

Rammit feeds Marshmallow :
"Taste Good?" - Rammit
"Great, lets have another one" - Marshmallow
"No need, pumpkin they all taste the same!" - Rammit

Huey tells Bobby that he doesn't think their dates are up for it!:
"Those chicks have never seen a prick in whole lives" - Huey
"Then it's time you showed it to them, kitbag!" - Bobby

Marshmallow puts Rammit in his place!:
"Stop fidgeting before I sit on yer!" - Marshmallow

Rammit tries to seduce Julie (Huey!):
"You've got my engine throbbing, you little curried bun" - Rammit

Marshmallow suspects Rammit has been entertaining another woman:
"Ramierez if I ever catch you with another woman, I'll tear your face apart" - Marshmallow

Huey tries to get a weekend pass from the gay doctor:
"Oh my darling, I'll see that you get your pass as soon as I get your ass!" - Doctor

Marshmallow is on the warpath!:
"I wanna know where the f*** Ramierez is, before i have to kick yer balls up yer ass!" - Marshmallow