Private Popsicle featured a soundtrack of hit Rock n Roll songs from the era.

Track List:
1. Lucky Lips - Cliff Richard
2. I Like It - Gerry and the Pacemakers
3. Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On - Jerry Lee Lewis
4. Mr Sandman - Robin Merrill
5. Charlie Brown - The Coasters
6. See Ya Later, Alligator - Bill Haley
7. Da Doo Ron Ron - The Crystals
8. Who Put The Bomp - Barry Mann
9. Strictly Private - The Rookies
10. Let There Be Drums - Sandy Nelson
11. Speedy Gonzalas - Pat Boone
12. With All My Heart - The Tymes
13. I Want My Mama - The Popsicles
14. Livin Doll - Cliff Richard
15. Bend Me, Shape Me - Amen Corner
16. My Special Angel - Bobby Helms
17. Silence Is Golden - The Four Aces
18. Soldier Boy - The Shirelles
19. Rise and Shine - The Rookies
20. Mr Blue - The Fleetwoods

Below is a breakdown of the tracks and how they appear in the film.

Lucky Lips (Cliff Richard)
Scene: Title Theme.

I like It  (Gerry and The Pacemakers)
Scene: The guys help Ava get her drunken husband home

Whole Lotta Shakin Going On (Jerry Lee Lewis)
Scene: Bobby gets it on with Ava, whilst Benji and Huey try to keep Avas husband in the living room.

Only You (The Platters)
Scene: Huey goes into Avas room.

Mr Sandman (Robin Merrill)
Scene: Huey makes it with Ava

Charlie Brown (The Coasters)
Scene: Avas husband realizes what is going on and chases after the guys.

See Ya Later Alligator (Bill Haley)
Scene: The guys go in the army.

Da Doo Ron Ron (The Crystals)
Scene: Bobby tries to chat up the army officer in charge of registration. 

Who put the Bomp (Barry Mann)
Scene: Huey selling his supplies to the other recruits. 

Strictly Private - Music Only (The Rookies)
Scene: The guys go to get their regulation haircuts. 

Let There Be Drums (Sandy Nelson)
Scene: The guys sneak out of their barracks to meet the girls.

Speedy Gonzales (Pat Boone)
Scene: The girls shower after being tricked by the guys, and Huey gets caught by Marshmallow peeking

With All My Heart (The Tymes)
Scene: Benji sees Renee and pretends that he is a sergeant. 

Temptation (Mimon Ruth)
Scene: Singer at club, when the guys go to meet Renee and friends

I Want My Mama (The Popsicles)
Scene: The guys sing and dance in drag to fool Sgt Ramit

El Cumbachero (The Popsicles)
Scene: The guys sing and dance in drag!

Livin Doll (Cliff Richard)
Scene: Benji goes to see Renee at the barracks.

Bend Me, Shape  Me (Amen Corner)
Scene: The gay doctor chases Huey!

My Special Angel (Bobby Helms)
Scene: Benji and Renee together on the beach. 

Soldier Boy (The  Shirelles)
Scene: Renee sees Benji training as a soldier and realizies that he has lied to her. He sneaks over to see her and she tricks him to undressing then runs with all his clothes!

Let There Be Drums (Sandy Nelson)
Scene: Benji tries to sneak back to the barracks almost naked. When he is discovered he is made to dig trenches with Ramit supervising.

Silence is Golden (The Tremeloes)
Scene: Benji tries to speak to Renee as she goes home on leave. Ramit tries to give Benji some words of wisdom about women! Benji tells Ramit he will set up a date with 'Julie' if he can have a weekend pass.

Da Doo Ron Ron (The Crystals)
Scene: Benji gets a pass and goes home to call Renee

Mr Blue (The Fleetwoods)
Scene: Benji goes to visit Renee at home.

Who put the Bomp (Barry Mann)
Scene: Marshmallow visits Benji's home looking for Ramit

My Special Angel (Bobby Helms)
Scene: Renee makes up with Benji.

Strictly Private (The Rookies)
End Theme