Interview with Reinhard Schwabenitzky

Exclusive interview to Lemon Popsicle Forever, conducted on the 6th September 2002 with Reinhard Schwabenitzky, director of Summertime Blues.

Lemon Popsicle Forever: How did you become involved with the movie?

Reinhard Schwabenitzky: Because I had success with a lot of other movies before so the Producer asked me to make that picture. I wrote the script and directed SUMMERTIME BLUES (and I like the music of the fifties/sixties and as I was a teenager I was a member of a rockband). 

LPF: Was there many changes made to the original script of the movie?

RS: I did the script by myself.

LPF: Was there any other scenes filmed which were not used in the final print of the movie?

RS: No I wanted to make more scenes but we didnt have enough money

LPF: Where was the movie filmed and how long did filming take?

RS: In Israel (Tel Aviv/Jaffo) 5 weeks

LPF: Did you experience any problems from the cast or crew?

RS: No

LPF: Who was your favourite member of the cast to work with (apart from your wife Elfi, of course)?

RS: Zachi Noy

LPF: Did the three main leads, Yiftach Katzur, Jonathan Sagall and Zachi Noy get along with each other off set?

RS: Yes

LPF: Did you enjoy your time working on the movie?

RS: Yes it was very interesting and funny.

LPF: Was there any problems, accidents or funny stories on set?

RS: No accidents and no special stories, we had a lot of fun also because we had to communicate  in three languages: Hebrew, German and English. The 3 guys in hebrew, Elfi and others mixed in german and English.. 

LPF: Were you happy with the final movie?  

RS: If we had more money and time I'm sure I could make it better

LPF: Are you still in contact with anyone from the movie?

RS: From time to time with Zachi Noy

LPF: Why was Jonathan Sagall doubled in a couple of the dance scenes?

RS: He wasn't the best dancer

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