Silvia B. Pitz

Sometimes credited as:
Sissi Pitz
, Sissi Liebold

Silvia began her career in the entertainment business by modelling for Playboy magazine. 
She moved onto movies after been spotted by the producer of Lemon Popsicle who offered her a screen test and was cast in her first acting role, in Young Love.

Since then she has worked in tv and her last appearance was in 1994 in  "Alarm auf Station 2". 

Silvia is a trained ballet dancer and singer and has studied psychology. She currently works as a personal and business life coach.

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Alarm auf Station 2 (1994)
Forsthaus Falkenau V (Folge 2) (1993)
Das Schicksal der Lilian H. (1993)
Blank Meier Jensen (1992)
SOS in den Alpen (1992)
Supermodels, Profiles and Fantasie (1991)
Summertime Blues - Lemon Popsicle 8 (1988) 
Young Love - Lemon Popsicle 7 (1987)