Sonja Martin

Born in 1962, Sonja Martin grew up in Austria and studied medicine before moving into acting. She began her acting career in 1982 in the movie "Die Unglaublichen Abenteuer des Guru Jakob, which also starred Zachi Noy. The same year she went on to star in "Private Popsicle" as Renee. Other Popsicle movies she has starred in are "Young Love" and "Summertime Blues". 

Her last known movie "Melody Of Passion" was made in 1990. She has appeared in numerous adult magazines including Playboy. 


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Melody of Passion (1990) 
Summertime Blues (1988) 
Plaza Real (1987) 
Young Love (1987) 
La Chica que cayó del cielo (1986) 
Red Heat (1985) 
Emmanuelle 4 (1984) 
Private Popsicle (1982) 
Die Unglaublichen Abenteuer des Guru Jakob (1982)