Original Title
: אסקימו לימון 8: בלוז בקיץ ‎(Blues BaKaitz)

Production Company: The Cannon Film Group

Release Date: 1988

Country: Tel Aviv, Israel.

Alternative Titles:
Eis am Stiel 8: Summertime Blues (Germany), Lody na patyku 8 Letni Blues (Poland),
Polo de Limon 8: El blues del verano (Spain).

The eighth and final movie starring the original Popsicle boys was made in 1988. The trouble was, they were no longer the young teens of the original 1977 film. More than 10 years had passed since that summer of 1977 when production began on Lemon Popsicle. The now mature actors Yiftach Katzur, Jonathan Sagall, and Zachi Noy were back for Summertime Blues.

German director Reinhard Schwabenitzky was brought in to write and direct the movie based on an idea by Zachi Noy. The director had previously primarily worked in television and was starting to branch out into feature films at the time of shooting the movie. His experience in television could explain his more serious approach to Summertime Blues that kept the nudity to a minimum.

Casting for the leading Popsicle girl was an obvious choice for the director who gave the role to his wife Elfi Escke. The two pretty much worked together on all the directors projects and Summertime Blues was no different. To make up the rest of the cast, previous Popsicle stars Sissi Pitz, Sonja Martin, and Sybille Rauch, all returned to add some glamour to the movie.

In Summertime Blues, Zachi Noy plays a role usually more associated with fellow Popsicle star Yiftach Katzur, as the one in love with the films lead actress, but in true Popsicle tradition, it's bad boy Bobby that she prefers. The switch in roles sees Noy and Sagall taking central stage, with Katzur given very little to do throughout the movie.

When interviewed, director Schwabenitzky admitted that he had more scenes planned for the completed film but ran out of budget. Some scenes shot found there way into the films trailer but did not make it to the final cut. Whether it was time restraints, money, or conflict with the films director is unclear, but any of those reasons could explain Jonathan Sagall's rather hasty exit toward the end of the film.

Production took five weeks to complete the eighth and currently final film in the long running Lemon Popsicle series of movies. Summertime Blues saw a slight return to form, bringing back the drama to the films narrative rather than the exploitive nature of the previous two entries.

Globus and Golan took their name off the film and didn’t distribute it in Israel up until the DVD release a couple of years ago. It is only available in its German soundtrack; a Hebrew one may have been recorded but was never used on any print.