Huey, Bobby, and Benji are all a little older and are all looking for work when Huey suggests that they buy a club called the "West Of Eden", but Huey has failed to mention it is a run down mess! He manages to convince the guys that they could make a real go of things and they agree to see about getting a contract for the place and running the club. 

Money is the only problem which stands in the guys way, but after Huey discovers that the owners daughter Polly is in love with Benji he thinks he can convince her to let them have the club cheap. Benji agrees to date Polly, but it seems Huey has got his wires crossed as it is actually Bobby she is in love with not Benji! 

Bobby reluctantly agrees to help Benji and Huey to get the contract but is heart is just not in it as he has his eye on another girl, Tami. 

Polly is upset when Bobby takes her on a date and he seem embarrassed to be seen with her, and she knows deep down that he doesn't feel the same way about her. 

Polly's father reminds the guys that the only reason he is considering giving them the contract is to make his daughter happy, but when he discovers that Bobby is not interested, he is not sure if they deserve the contract. 
Huey tries to convince him and takes Polly out shopping and they later go for a dance, and Huey is surprised to discover he has fallen for her, but he doesn't know how she feels about him. 

Polly's father agrees to give the contract to the guys and they start their renovations and hiring staff, and Benji soon starts dating Eva, one of the bar staff. The club is looking great, but a motorcycle comes by and ruins everything destroying the bar and demanding protection money from the guys. 

The guys plan a reopening party for West Of Eden, but the night is a disaster when the biker gang return smashing the place up, everyone leaves and Bobby is nowhere to be found. It seems that he has had enough of the whole venture and wants nothing more to do with it. 

Huey annoyed at Bobby tells Polly that it was all a trick him pretending to like her so that they could get the contract to the club and Polly leaves heart broken. 

Huey knows he cant let Polly leave without telling her how he feels, so he follows her to the beach and lets her know his true feelings for her, and it seems that Polly feels the same when they fall into each others arms!