Sybille Rauch

Born 14th June 1960 In Germany. Sybille was first discovered in 1979 when she first appeared in Playboy. She was soon starring in soft erotic films, which lead to various guest appearances in the Popsicle films, Hot Bubblegum, Private Manoeuvres, Young Love and Summertime Blues.

In the late 90's she went on to star in hardcore erotic movies often accompied by her sister Sylvie.
To keep a step ahead in the business she had a breast enlargement, which would eventually lead to her downfall in drugs, attempted suicide and the end of her film career.

It was reported in 2006 that she was working in a Austria Brothel, but left after accusing a client of rape. These days she appears occasionally at erotic fairs and TV programmes.


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