Interview with Silvia B.Pitz

Exclusive interview to Lemon Popsicle Forever, conducted on the 3rd September 2004 with Silvia Pitz, star of Young Love & Summertime Blues.

Lemon Popsicle Forever: Tell me a little about yourself, where were you born, are you married, do you have children?

Silvia Pitz: I'm born in Munich and grew up at the countryside. I like to be in the nature, but also like big towns like New York or Berlin. I'm travelling a lot for my jobs. At the moment I'm doing Seminars and Coaching, sometimes also some acting. I'm not married, have a boyfriend and no kids but a big dog. .

LPF: Your role as Patty in Young Love was your first acting role, did you find acting a good experience or did you prefer to model?

SP: I loved acting, because you can really express more, have more fun than just foto shooting. Of course it's sometimes a lot to learn, and you might have discussions with the director and the other cast, but this is a great challenge.

LPF: What was your first scene you filmed, were you very nervous?

SP: I was really nervous, although I had a very good acting trainer in Athens a few weeks before the shooting started. The first scene (I think) was with Iftach (Benny) in the locker room, and he and all the staff were very nice. It worked out really good. Walter Bannert was a great director.

LPF: What are your memories of working in the movies? 

SP: I have good memories: It was wonderful filming in Israel - at that time the political situation was not that difficult. The Israelis are friendly people. The team was very nice, I got all the support I needed, and all the actors were treated like kings and queens

LPF: How long did filming take of both movies?

SP: It took about 7 to 8 weeks per movie.

LPF: What was your favourite scene in the movie?

SP: It is hard to answer that question, because there were so many nice scenes. I would say I liked the dancing scenes in Summertime Blues.

LPF: Which did you prefer Young Love or Summertime Blues?

SP: Both movies had their charm... I couldn't choose the favourite.

LPF: Where there any scenes filmed that didn't make it into the final cut of the movies?

AH: Actually I think there were some dancing scenes and some scenes with the Rocker Gang in Summertime Blues.

LPF: Did you get along with the cast of the movies, who was your favourite to work with? 

SP: All the people were very friendly and nice, no vanity or other fights like that. We had a lot of fun. 

LPF: Was there any problems, accidents, romance or funny stories on set of either of the movies? 

SP: There is no special event I can remember...we really had fun while we were shooting, and when I had a day off I had to take care, that I don't get too much sun tan.

LPF: In both movies, you have love rivals, were these scenes fun to play, and how did you get on with Sonja Martin and Elfi Eschke?

SP: Those scenes I really liked to play, because it's quite easy to be the nice person in a movie, but to be a bad girl is a bigger challenge. It worked out really good with Sonja. After shooting we were often out together and had a drink. Also with Elfie - she is a professional actress.

LPF: Did you grow up watching the Lemon Popsicle movies, and if so what was your impression of them?

SP: I watched a few Lemon Popsicles in the cinema and really liked it. It was not actually my music, but I found the Movies really funny and sexy.

LPF: Does it surprise you that many people still know you from your appearances in the Lemon Popsicle movies, and that the films are still as popular as ever?

SP: Yes, indeed it surprises me. It' s a kind of a phenomenon.

LPF: After Summertime Blues, were you ever approached to star in a new Lemon Popsicle movie?

SP: As far as I know, they didn't plan a new Lemon Popsicle yet.  Unfortunately...sometimes Zachy had the Idea of a TV-Series. But obviously it didn't work out.

LPF: What have you been doing since the Lemon Popsicle movies?

SP: I was working for some TV-Stations as a Moderator, did again some acting in TV-Series, studied psychtherapie, worked in that field, now I'm working as a Trainer and Coach and - as I told before, also sometimes as an actress for TV-Series.

LPF: Did it surprise you to see a website devoted to the Lemon Popsicle movies, and do you have a message for any fans?

SP: I would like to tell the fans: you should really find out, what your skills and talents are,  what do you really like and what makes fun. And if it is to clean cars or to be a gardener or to raise kids- be proud of it and do it with dignity and joy. Not everybody is supposed to be an actor or singer or a model, no matter what the public and media is a great gift to have a life to live, go for it and do it your way!

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