Up Your Anchor הרימו עוגן‎ (1985)

Country: Tel Aviv, Israel
Production company
: The Cannon Film Group

Director: Dan Wolman, Joel Silberg
Producers: Yoram Globus, Menahem Golan, Sam Waynberg
Writers: Eli Tavor, Sam Waynberg, Dan Wolman

Yiftach Katzur,  Zachi Noy, Petra Morzè, Joseph Shiloah, Avi Hadash, Yehuda Efroni, Bea Fiedler, Dvora Kedar …


  • Eis am Stiel 6 – Ferienliebe (Germany)
  • Cacao a Bordo (Spain)
  • Anchor Up (Canada)
  • Villit matruusit (Finland)
  • Hete matroser (Norway)
  • I Regresan Los Chicles Calientes (Mexico)
  • O Último Americano Virgem 2 (Brazil)
  • Levez les amarres (France)
  • Una crociera da sballo (Italy)
  • Gelado de limão 6 – Levantar ferro (Portugal)
  • グローイング・アップ6 恋のネイビーブルー (Japan)


With Bobby on holiday in America, Benji and Huey are on the lookout for girls and after a night of desperation, Huey finds himself with Fatima, the big boned daughter of Georgie Ramirez (Sgt Ramirez, although the obviously don’t know each other in this film.) He tries to persuade her to sleep with him, but her parrot keeps interrupting, and then her father arrives home telling Huey that he must marry his daughter, who tells him she is pregnant to Huey even though they have never even slept together and she is still a virgin! 

Whilst fooling around on the beach one day, Benji meets and falls for a girl named Dana. Wanting to meet again, she tells him that her father is the Captain of the Orion ship. After hearing this he immediately signs up to become a sailor on the Orion ship, along with Huey who is trying to escape his engagement with Fatima. Unbeknown to him is that her father Georgie actually works on the ship, and is determined to keep his eye on his future son in law! 

Benji soon finds out that Dana already has a rich fiancé called Monty, but when she sees Benji again realizes that she wants to be with him instead of her fiancé, but her parents will not allow it. 

Meanwhile on the ship the count and countess are planning to smuggle diamonds and use Ramirez by planting them inside his shoe. When Huey is given Ramirez’s shoes to clean, he gets them mixed up and  ends up wearing them himself along with the diamonds! 

When Huey does another hilarious turn in drag, the diamonds are discovered and get mixed up amongst a broken chandelier! 

When Monty tries to get fresh with Dana, Benji steps in and saves the day. The two then realize that they want to be together, despite what her parents may think.


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It was all aboard and full steam ahead for Lemon Popsicle number 6, Up Your Anchor, but production of the movie was troubled from the start. By the mid-eighties, Cannon’s empire was in full swing with the ninja craze taking off, and enjoying box office success with action hits with the likes of Chuck Norris in Missing In Action. The Lemon Popsicle movies became nothing more than money-spinners to the producers. By the time production began on the now 6th installment, the series creator and original director Boaz Davidson no longer had any association with the movies and left behind co-writer Eli Tavor to work with Baby Love director Dan Wolman.

After bringing the series back on form in the previous Popsicle movie, Baby Love, Wolman was on board to direct Up Your Anchor but from the start his vision did not fit what Cannon had in mind. “I told Menaham that what I am interested in was the innocence and he said ‘forget about the innocence, they were innocent in the first film’.” recalled Wolman. Before the script could even be finished, Wolman had to rush into production “The producer told me ‘The contracts have been signed, we start shooting today’.”

To make matters worse before production began, Popsicle star Jonathan Sagall (Bobby) had a disagreement with producer Menaham Golan over money issues. “I wasn’t in part 6 because I had money disputes with the producers, and they ‘punished’ me by writing me out” says Sagall. Despite Segall’s absence in the film, leading stars Yiftach Katzur and Zachi Noy were back, alongside Popsicle regulars Avi Hadash, Joseph Shiloah, and Bea Feidler.

Newcomer Petra Morzè, then aged 18, made her film debut when cast as Benji’s love interest in Up Your Anchor. The young Austrian actress landed the role after answering a casting call in Munich, Germany.

Set onboard a ship, the indoor scenes were filmed at a studio in Tel Aviv and the plan was for the the cast to sail on a real ship for a couple of weeks. “I could not go because of my studies but filmed my scenes on the ship before it sailed” recalls co-star Avi Hadash. “When they came back, I think they did not have enough material for a full-length movie, so they shot a few more scenes on the ship while it was anchored.”

After a mere three weeks of shooting, the producers requested a screening of the filmed footage. Director Wolman insisted that the film was still in rough cut form and protested, citing that only 15 minutes was ready. However, the screening went ahead and the producers were not happy. As a result, a new director Joel Silberg was hired to edit and attempt to fix the mess of production.

To pad out the running time, a lengthy scene from the original Lemon Popsicle was used in which the friends hold a screening of their past adventures, strangely projecting a supposed ‘home movie’, featured Jonathan Sagall’s famous sex scene with Ophelia Struthl from Lemon Popsicle. Actor Sagall was very unhappy about been used in a film he neither starred or received any royalties from and the move sparked a legal dispute some years later.

The film was shot, edited, and ready for release but was far from complete. Whole scenes shot by Wolman were cut completely, or edited in ways that made the films narrative make little sense. The final edit was a mess, and made for a very poor addition to the series, a pale comparison to previous films and could have been the final nail in the coffin for Popsicle movies but the boys were back again… and again, for parts 7 and 8.



Yiftach Katzur
Zachi Noy
Petra Morzè
Joseph Shiloah
Avi Hadash
Yehuda Efroni
Bea Fiedler
Dvora Kedar
Tikva Mor
Alexander Arelson
Ronen Shilon
Alexandra Kaster
Sabine Mucha
Olga Spondorf
Goldi Heller
Yossi Segal
Zvika Laskov
Sharon Shamir
Lorenzo Panuelle


Director: Dan Wolman, Joel Silberg
Producers: Yoram Globus, Menahem Golan,
Sam Waynberg
Associate Producer: Itzik Kol
Writers: Eli Tavor, Sam Waynberg, Dan Wolman
Cinematographer: Ilan Rosenberg
Editor: Alain Jakubowicz
Assistant Director: Shaul Dishy, Sharon Shamir 
Set Dresser: Benny Ben-Ishai
Makeup Department:
Charles Biderman, Niki Biderman
Art Department Coordinator: Naomi Golan
Production Designer: Yoram Barzilai
Production Supervisor: Henia Mandelbaum
Production Manager: Tal Ron 
Draughtsperson: David Nijo
Sound Recordist: Rami Abadi
Wardrobe Department: Sophie Barda


  1. Sea Cruise – Frankie Ford
  2. Baby, You Got What It Takes – Brook Benton
  3.  Surf City – Jan & Dean
  4. Because They’re Young – Duane Eddy
  5. Tutti Frutti – Little Richard
  6. Green Onions – Dave “Baby” Cortez
  7. For Your Love – The Yardbirds
  8. Forty Miles of A Bad Road – Duane Eddy
  9. Mashed Potato Time  – Dee Dee Sharp
  10. Peppermint Twist  – Joey Dee and The Starlighters
  11. Bama Lama Bama Lou  – Little Richard
  12. It’s Just a Matter of Time – Brook Benton
  13. Great Balls Of Fire – Jerry Lee Lewis
  14. Still I’m Sad – The Yardbirds
  15. Slow Twistin – Chubby Checker
  16. Come Prima – Tony Dallara
  17. Teen Beat – Sandy Nelson
  18.  Hippy Hippy Shake  – Swinging Blue Jeans
  19.  Swinging Blue Jeans – Brenda Lee
  20.  Why Don’t They Understand  – George Hamilton IV
  21.  Shout – Joey Dee and The Starlighters

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