With Bobby on holiday in America, Benji and Huey are on the lookout for girls. 

After a night of desperation, Huey finds himself with Fatima, the big boned daughter of Georgie Ramirez (Sgt Ramirez, although the obviously don't know each other in this film.) He tries to persuade her to sleep with him, but her parrot keeps interrupting, and then her father arrives home telling Huey that he must marry his daughter, who tells him she is pregnant to Huey even though they have never even slept together and she is still a virgin! 

Whilst fooling around on the beach one day, Benji meets and falls for a girl named Dana. Wanting to meet again, she tells him that her father is the Captain of the Orion ship. After hearing this he immediately signs up to become a sailor on the Orion ship, along with Huey who is trying to escape his engagement with Fatima. Unbeknown to him is that her father Georgie actually works on the ship, and is determined to keep his eye on his future son in law! 

Benji soon finds out that Dana already has a rich fiancé called Monty, but when she sees Benji again realizes that she wants to be with him instead of her fiancé, but her parents will not allow it. 

Meanwhile on the ship the count and countess are planning to smuggle diamonds and use Ramirez by planting them inside his shoe. When Huey is given Ramirez's shoes to clean, he gets them mixed up and  ends up wearing them himself along with the diamonds! 

When Huey does another hilarious turn in drag, the diamonds are discovered and get mixed up amongst a broken chandelier! 

When Monty tries to get fresh with Dana, Benji steps in and saves the day. The two then realize that they want to be together, despite what her parents may think.

(1) Huey desperate for a woman gets it together with Fatima, the daughter of Georgie Ramirez. It is not as easy as he thinks though when her pet parrot keeps interrupting them by calling Huey a big fat slob! He covers the birds cage and is finally getting somewhere just as her father arrives home!  Furious, Fatima's father takes a knife to Huey but when his daughter tells him she is in love he insists they get married at once! 

(2) Huey and his sailor friends visit the local fortune teller, who Huey has read about in the tourist book which claims if you tell her a secret code you will get laid! As usual, Huey goes into the room after his friend, but unbeknown to him , the usual fortune teller is on her break. He tells the fortune teller the secret code and is delighted when she motions him to the bed. He starts to strip, but when she removes her veil he is horrified to see she is the ugliest woman he has ever seen! He makes a run for it and ends up getting chased by her boyfriend who happens to be a flame thrower! 

(3) Huey has been propositioned by a passenger on the boat and she tells him to come to her room later. Unfortunately he goes to the wrong room, and ends up in bed with the Captains wife! 

(4) Huey and Benji go to a fancy dress party in disguise and Huey is hilarious in his costume as a woman! After he tries to escape from the Countess and her husband with diamonds in his shoes, he tries to make a quick exit by swinging on a nearby chandelier but just comes crashing to the floor!

ssic lines taken from the English dubbed version of the movie

Benji is amazed when he sees the kiosk owners girlfriend!:
"You mean that with the huge jugs?! wow they must weigh a ton!" - Benji

Froggy is a little forward with his date!:
"May I take a look at your body?" - Froggy

Huey is frustrated that the guys dates don't put out!:
"What silly sour broads they are, I thought I'd at least get a grope in here. Bobby who wrote us from America gets screwed all the time!" - Huey

Huey tries his luck with Fatima:
"If you love me now you must touch me here, there and everywhere and especially here. I must take that goddamn blouse off! - Huey

Fatima is concerned about Huey's intentions!:
"No Huey, you might make me pregnant!" - Fatima
"Might make you pregnant? But I haven't taken my underpants off yet!" - Huey

Fatima's father Georgie finds them together:
"Please I love Huey" - Huey
"His big fat face, that nasty fat ass?!" - Georgie

Georgie insists they should be married immediately, but Huey doesn't agree!:
"What you want me to marry that flabby ugly cow?"- Huey

Huey and Benji spend a day at the beach:
"Benji look at those gorgeous beautiful young broads over there" - Huey
"I don't see any" - Benji
"Look at them lying there, you should be ashamed of yourself, you should" - Huey

Huey cant believe Benji is in love with Donna so quickly!:
"How come you've got such a crush on her, you only met her once" - Huey
"I've never met anyone like her, she's just great!" - Benji

Benji asks his mother to sign his sailor approval form:
"Your not going to sign? Your not signing? Then I'll commit suicide!" - Benji

Huey tries to tell Georgie that there is no way Fatima could be pregnant!:
"Then how come she is so pregnant? Is it from eating bananas or eating horses, I tell you its from having nookie" - Georgie

Benji is lovesick for Donna when he discovers she already has a boyfriend:
"Benji, she's not worth brooding about. Can't you see she's with that jerk, I just wonder why him, not you" - Huey

Georgie is so pleased that Huey will soon be part of his family!:
"I do like a brainy son and a mature one. I tell you my pretty lad, you must make me a daddy soon"- Georgie

Huey gets caught by the Captain rubbing suntan lotion on a naked sunbathers back!:
"Why did she call you?" - Captain
"Because I make very good mayonnaise. I pretend she's a mixed salad!" - Huey

The Captain is mortified after catching Huey in his wife's bed!:
"In bed with that big fat slob, you've ruined my reputation, Ella" - Captain

Donna tells her father she is fed up with her fiancé Monty:
"Your Monty loves himself more than me, that fiancé of mine is a real pain!" - Donna

Huey gives Froggy a slap!:
"Try this for size!" - Huey

Huey tries to fool Georgie into polishing the men's shoes!:
"I'm a bit tired, and the other guys will need doing next, and their shoes are dirty chief!" - Huey

Huey's feet are killing him looking for Donna!:
"Benji, wait I'm done for" - Huey
"Come on fathead, we've got to keep moving" - Benji

Benji is frustrated that he cant find Donna:
"Benji, I don't know what to do, but don't get depressed, lets think!" - Huey

Donna tells her father her and Benji are together:
"Benji's my new lover" - Donna
"What? I'm disgusted to find my daughter a cheap prostitute!" - Captain

Huey sees Donna and Benji together:
"Froike, look at them in love" - Huey