Young Love אהבה צעירה‎ (1987)

Country: West Germany, Tel Aviv, Israel
Production Company
: K.F Kinofilm

Director: Walter Bannert
Producer: Sam Waynberg
Writers: Anron Moho, Eytan Evan

Yiftach Katzur,  Jonathan Sagall, Zachi Noy, Sonja Martin, Sissi Pitz, Sybille Rauch, Eva Astor, Linda Carol…


  • Eis am Stiel 7 Verliebte Jungs (Germany)
  • Polo de Limon 7: Amor joven (Spain)
  • Liv i kludene! (Denmark)
  • Villi nuori rakkaus (Finland)
  • Hot Bubblegum op Vrijersvoeten (Netherlands)
  • Ardiente Juventud (Mexico)
  • Loucuras De Verao (Brazil)


While his parents are on holiday Huey and his buddies Bobby and Benji borrow the car and go cruising looking for girls. After pursuing a gang of girls Huey crashes the car into a tree! Discovering that the repairs are going to cost them a small fortune, the boys decide to get jobs to help pay for the damages before Huey’s parents arrive back home and discover what has happened! 

Becoming porters in a Beachfront Hotel, their minds are soon taken off work when they see all the girls that are available! 

Benji falls in love all over again when he meets Sandy who he used to date, but she wants nothing to do with him and is about to get engaged to a wealthy business man who her parents have set her up with to sort out their financial situation. 

When Benji discovers that he has lost his chance with Sandy he packs his bags and is ready to leave, but Bobby has an idea to take his min of Sandy and introduces him to Patty a maid at the beachfront hotel who Bobby has slept with! 

Benji realizes that he doesn’t want Patty as he is still in love with Sandy, but with her engagement getting closer he is running out of time. 

With a little help from Bobby and Huey, he manages to finally get a chance to talk with Sandy, and they agree to give things another go. But her fiancé has arrived and Bobby and Huey decide the only thing they can do is tie him up!

Benji and Sandy are back together, but Patty is jealous and tells Sandy that Benji loves her. On hearing this Sandy tells Benji she doesn’t want to see him again, but Bobby and Huey know that Patty is only saying this out of spite and make her confess to Sandy that she was lying. 

It doesn’t make her parents happy, but Sandy knows she has to be with the man she loves and gives her boyfriend the push! 


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For Lemon Popsicle Part 7 – Young Love, the series had a new Austrian director Walter Bannert, and with the exception of the actors and the producers Golan and Globus signing on as only executives, there was no involvement from the original crew.

Following from the mess of a production Up Your Anchor, the makers attempted to revive the flagging series. Sadly this was not the case and the director and writer seemed to have little knowledge of the films, and as such the script was very hazy with discrepancies, which sometimes had no relevance to other storylines in the series.

Set at a Beachfront Hotel, the guys were back for the seventh time, and even Jonathan Sagall was persuaded to return for this sequel following his argument with Golan & Globus before the previous production even began. Sonja Martin also returned to the Popsicle movies and was the only actress to play a leading Popsicle girl twice but as two different characters.

Model Sissi Pitz was cast in her first film role after being discovered by the producers. She had no formal acting training before being cast and was sent to an acting school in Athens where she was coached for 14 days to prepare for her role in the movie. Sissi reflects “At first I said no as I didn’t want to be an actress but I said Ok, lets try it!”.

Director Bannert succeeded in giving the films a more european feel and different tone to the rest of the series, with a story played purely for laughs, and featuring far more nudity than previous Popsicle films. Walter Bannert noted “many people working in the German-speaking Film industry, the question that posed itself most frequently was: why are we not able to create something like this in Austria and Germany?”

The film had strayed away from it’s early Israeli roots and by this time had become little more than soft core porn. Rather than being influenced by previous Popsicle films, the makers of part seven instead borrowed heavily from other Cannon and Davidson productions Hot Chili and Hot Resort, who had previously in turn copied the Popsicle movies. Going full circle, originality was not the priority here.

After ten years of making Popsicle movies, the fun had long gone for those involved, and now became just a way of making quick money. Audiences and the stars had grown tired and Young Love didn’t enjoy as much international exposure. Unlike previous Popsicle movies that packed cinemas around the world, Young Love was primarily a straight to video release, and didn’t even hit British shores at all. It was obvious that the films were fast dying, and it seemed uncertain if the long running series of movies would die at the completion of part seven.



Yiftach Katzur
Jonathan Sagall
Zachi Noy
Sonja Martin
Sissi Pitz
Sybille Rauch
Eva Astor
Michael Gahr
Linda Carol
Leonard Lansink
Gregory Tal
Igor Borisov
Y. Ben Sira
Dvora Sharf
Itzhak Aharon
Dorit Adi
Archi Leahman
Armon Bismout
Doron Tzafris
Rony Blitz
Inbal Erlich
Dana Sharon
Michèle Lasko


Director: Walter Bannert
Producer: Sam Waynberg
Associate Producer: Wolfgang Odenthal
Executive Producers: Yoram Globus, Menahem Golan 
Writers: Anron Moho, Eytan Evan
Cinematographer: Hanus Polak
Assistant Director: Harald Scholz
2nd Assistant Director: Michael Engel
3rd Assistant Director: Tobi Neustadt
1st Camera Assistant: Arnold Reidelhuber
2nd Camera Assistant: Danny Schneider
Stills Photographer: Ilit Levin
Director of Photography: Hanus Polack
Costume Designer: Katharina Moho-Odenthal
Hairdresser: Julien Patrice Moriers 
Make Up: Nicky Reisch
Sound Mixer: Amitan Mendelson
Sound Assistant: Danny Shitrit
Dubbing Mixer: Rainer Lorenz
Dubbing Editor: Rainer Brandt
Property Master: Zvika Aloni 
Art Directors: Erhard Engel, Giorha Porter
Choreographer: Meir Aloni
Dialogue Coach: Rachel Mishal 

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