While his parents are on holiday Huey and his buddies Bobby and Benji borrow the car and go cruising looking for girls. After pursuing a gang of girls Huey crashes the car into a tree! Discovering that the repairs are going to cost them a small fortune, the boys decide to get jobs to help pay for the damages before Huey's parents arrive back home and discover what has happened! 

Becoming porters in a Beachfront Hotel, their minds are soon taken off work when they see all the girls that are available! 

Benji falls in love all over again when he meets Sandy who he used to date, but she wants nothing to do with him and is about to get engaged to a wealthy business man who her parents have set her up with to sort out their financial situation. 

When Benji discovers that he has lost his chance with Sandy he packs his bags and is ready to leave, but Bobby has an idea to take his min of Sandy and introduces him to Patty a maid at the beachfront hotel who Bobby has slept with! 

Benji realizes that he doesn't want Patty as he is still in love with Sandy, but with her engagement getting closer he is running out of time. 

With a little help from Bobby and Huey, he manages to finally get a chance to talk with Sandy, and they agree to give things another go. But her fiancé has arrived and Bobby and Huey decide the only thing they can do is tie him up!

Benji and Sandy are back together, but Patty is jealous and tells Sandy that Benji loves her. On hearing this Sandy tells Benji she doesn't want to see him again, but Bobby and Huey know that Patty is only saying this out of spite and make her confess to Sandy that she was lying. 

It doesn't make her parents happy, but Sandy knows she has to be with the man she loves and gives her boyfriend the push! 

((1) The fat hotel chef is struggling to put up his deck chair and after numerous attempts he finally gets it up, only to be knocked down again by Huey as he tries to escape a angry boyfriend of a sunbather! 

(2) Benji puts Huey's car keys down a sunbathers bikini, but when Huey tries to retrieve them her boyfriend appears and demands that he puts them back! Huey needs his keys and after he makes one last attempt to get them back he is chased around the beach by her boyfriend! 

(3) It's Huey's first day working at the Beachfront Hotel, but unfortunately for him his trousers are far too tight and when he bends over to pick up a guests luggage he tears them, much to the horror of the hotel owner Hertha.

(4) Huey is busy working in the hotel kitchen plucking a chicken, when the fat chef recognizes him from earlier at the beach, and decides to throw a pan of spaghetti all over him! 

(5) Huey has got together with one of the female guests, but her husband comes back earlier than expected forcing Huey to hide under the bed. The couple get amorous and Huey has to pretend to be the dog when the bed starts bouncing. Of course it is not long before her husband discovers him and chases him from the room forcing Huey to flee out of the window straight onto a cactus plant, which Bobby is only too happy to pluck from his body! 

(6) Patty steals Huey's clothes from the pool side leaving poor Huey to sneak back into the hotel in just a rubber ring. He accidentally goes into the hotel managers room Hertha,  who is secretly having a affair with Sandy's father Alfred. Mistakenly thinking that Huey is Alfred, she beckons him over and Huey is delighted especially when he sees her standing in just her underwear. When Benji and Sandy return to the hotel they catch Alfred outside of Hertha's room, and with all the commotion Hertha turns around and realizes it is not Alfred in the room with her but Huey! 

ssic lines taken from the English dubbed version of the movie

Benji puts Huey's car keys down a sunbathers top, and her boyfriend is not amused!:
"Hey, you stupid asshole, what are you doing with my girl?" - Boyfriend
"She had my car keys locked up in her safe!" - Huey
"Put them back" - Boyfriend

Huey and the guys invite some girls back:
"These girls are really crazy about me, and lets make it clear guys, you know which girl belongs to me" - Huey

Huey catches Bobby in bed with his date!:
"This is my girl" - Huey
"Okay, I'll be through in a minute" - Bobby

Huey's car is trashed!:
"The car, the car, the wonderful car, first the apartment and then the car, my parents will kill me" - Huey
"Oh they wont kill yer, they'll disown yer, but they wont kill yer" - Bobby

Bobby and Benji offer to get jobs to pay for the cars repairs:
"We need to get jobs, all three of us, we can make it, one for all and all for one" - Benji
"You really would do that for me? You would really get jobs for two weeks, gee, you are such good friends!" - Huey
"Come on, lets not get carried away, hey" - Bobby

Huey spots a girl in the hotel foyer:
"Did you see her eyes?" - Huey
"Your supposed to look at her ass, you jerk!" - Bobby

Huey is having a little trouble fitting into his new uniform!:
"Oh, there you are, these are too small I need a larger size!"- Huey

Patty is shocked to discover that Bobby is always ready for action!:
"You don't wear any underpants" - Patty

Benji discovers his old girlfriend, Sandy, is staying at the hotel and he wants to leave:
"I cant stay, Sandy's here" - Benji
"Sandy? The girl you got pregnant a hundred years ago?" - Bobby
"Yeah" - Benji
"So what? What's the big deal, you got her a little pregnant, is that the reason you are leaving?!" - Bobby

Bobby sums up Benji perfectly when Patty visits:
"This is Benny, always sensitive, always complicated, always in love" - Bobby

Bobby spots Linette arriving at the hotel:
"Oh boy, new merchandise!" - Bobby

But Linette knows what's on his mind:
"Dirty thoughts Honey?" - Linette

Linette prefers Huey instead, to the amazement of Bobby:
"She must be nuts, she'd rather do it in the bathroom with fatso instead of me!"- Bobby

Linette comes on to Huey! :
"Kiss me" - Linette
"Who me?" - Huey
"Yes, I like little puppies like you" - Linette

Benji tries to comfort Sandy:
"Your crying" - Benji
"But not because of you, that's for sure" - Sandy

Bobby and Huey tie up Sandy's fiancé:
"Hang on tight, pretty face!" - Bobby

Patty tells Bobby she is not interested in him:
"I try to forget experiences I've had with men like you" - Patty

Sandy's mother discovers Schitzner Jnr is 40 years old, and remarks to her husband:
"Only ten years younger than you. Look at him, and then take a look at yourself" - Lily

Patty tries to spoil things between Benji and Sandy:
"It's me Benji loves, and not you" - Patty