Young Love featured a soundtrack of hit Rock n Roll songs from the era.

Track List:

1. The Hucklebuck- Chubby Checker
2. Eros -- Al Bunny
3. Wooly Bully - Sam The Sham and The Pharoahs
4. Rockin' Good Way - Brook Benton
5. Shakin In My Shoes - Fingers
6. Gone, Gone, Gone - Carl Perkins
7. Personality - Lloyd Price
8. Honky Tonk - Bill Doggett
9. Young Love - Johnny Hill
10. Slippin' An' Slidin - Little Richard
11. Do The Funky Chicken - Rufus Thomas
12. Skyride - Dan Dare
13. Ooby Dooby - Roy Orbison
14. Do You Wanna Dance? - Bobby Freeman
15. Kiddio - Brook Benton
16. Here Comes My Baby - The Tremeloes
17. C'Mon an' Swim - Bobby Freeman
18. It's A Funny World - The Globe Trotters
19. Private's Progress - Platoon

Below is a breakdown of the tracks and how they appear in the film.

The Hucklebuck (Chubby Checker)
Title Theme

C'mon an' Swim (Bobby Freeman)
Scene): Huey goes to the beach and tells the guys about getting his parents car for two weeks.

Honky Tonk (Bill Doggett)
Scene: Huey and the guys drive to Montana in Huey's parents car.
(2)The guys look for jobs.
(3)Huey and Bobby spot Patty in the hotel pool swimming in the nude. Huey is fooled into joining her and Patty steals his clothes.
(4)Huey gets pushed in the pool by a young boy.

Wooly Bully (Sam The Sham & The Pharoahs)
Scene: Everybody dancing at Huey's party

Slippin' An' Slidin' (Little Richard)
Scene: Hueys party. Huey discovers Bobby in bed with his naked date.

Ooby Dooby (Roy Orbison)
Scene: The guys go cruising the car, showing off in front of girls, Huey crashes the car and discovers a couple in his boot.
(2)Linette's husband discovers Huey under the bed and Huey manages to escape out of the window.

Shakin' In My Shoes (Fingers)
Scene: The guys go to the hotel to work.
(2)Bobby in bed with Patty.
(3)Hertha gives the guys their wages.

Personality (Lloyd Price)
Scene: Patty shows Bobby how to make beds, but he is more interested in seducing her!

Do The Funky Chicken (Rufus Thomas)
Scene: Huey working in the hotel kitchens with fat guy from the beach.

Here Comes My Baby (The Tremeloes)
Scene: Benji spots Sandy at the hotel pool.
(2)Huey tries it on with two sunbathers but just gets slapped for his troubles.
(3)End theme

Skyride (Dan Dare)
Scene: Benji locks Bobby and Huey out of the room and tells them he is leaving.
(2)Patty arrives and kisses Benji.
(3)Sandy tells her parents she is not interested in meeting Schitzner Jnr

Eros (Al Bunny)
Scene: The boy's spy on the sunbather and his girlfriend.
(2)Linette strips to her underwear for Huey, whilst Bobby and Benji spy through the door.
(3)Linette's husband arrives back.

Young Love (Johnny Hill)
Scene: Benji tries to talk to Sandy at the beach.
(2)Benji and Sandy in bed together.
(3)Sandy tells Benji they can finally be together.
(4)Patty tells Sandy that Benji has been sleeping with her and he doesnt love Sandy.

Do You Wanna Dance (Bobby Freeman)
Scene: Dancing at the beach party

A Rockin' Good Way (Brook Benton)
Scene: Patty tries to talk with Benji at the beach party

Privates Progress (Platoon)
Featured Scene: Schitzner arrives at the hotel, Bobby knocks him out and ties him up in the cellar.
(2)Huey pretends to be Schitzners secretary.
(3)Hertha discovers it is Huey in her room and not Alfred and slaps him.
(4)Schitzner tries to get back into the hotel and gets thrown out.
(5)Sandy's parents and the Schitzners end up in the pool.

Gone, Gone Gone (Carl Perkins)
Scene: Bobby pretends to be drunk, so that Benji will go on his 'date' instead of him.
(2)The guys make Patty tell the truth to Sandy.

Young Love (Instrumental)
Scene: Benji mets Sandy at the Blue Lagoon.
(2)Benji tells Sandy he loves her and they kiss on the beach.

Kiddio (Brook Benton)
Scene: Hertha and Alfred tearing each others clothes off.
(2)Patty takes a shower to wait for Benji.
(3)Huey goes to Herthas room and she mistakes him for Alfred.