Yvonne Miklosh איבון מיקלוש

Born:  26th August 1958, Romania

Sometimes Credited as: Yvonne Michaels, Yvonne Michaeli.


Born in Romania, Yvonne Miklosh immigrated to Israel at age 6.  When production began on Going Steady, the search was on to find a new leading actress to become the new Popsicle girl. Yvonne was serving her national service in the Israeli Army when she was selected from 700 hopeful young girls from all over Israel who auditioned. She had to be given special permission from the army to star in Going Steady, her acting screen debut.

After starring in Going Steady, Yvonne was in a legal dispute with the film makers for using nude footage in the film which was never agreed to. She stated that the scenes breached her contract with the company. A court case was held, and the judgement was in favour of Yvonne and the frames were removed and stills destroyed.

As a graduate of the School of cinema and performing arts,  Yvonne left her acting career behind and turned to the other side of the camera. She became one of the few Israeli women who worked as a cinematographer in the 1980s.   When interviewed she revealed that she was  always treated professionally on the set, but with others she encountered a great deal of prejudice.  It was a very complicated profession for women, she explains.

Today, she continues to teach and work as a cinematographer.


  • Going Steady (1979)

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