Yvonne Miklosh
Name in Hebrew:

Sometimes credited as:
Yvonne Michaels, Yvonne Michaeli.

Born 26th August 1958,Hungary. After starring in Going Steady, Yvonne was in a legal dispute with the film makers for using nude footage in the film which was never agreed to. She has left her acting career behind and in recent years she has been teaching in local film schools, cinematography and making documentaries.




Mandatory Service (2008) (Cinematographer)
Ha-Nashim Mimul (1992) (Cinematographer)
Ha-Har (1991) (Cinematographer)
Ko'ach Meshiha (1988) (Cinematographer)
Ha-Tov, HaRa, VeHaLo-Nora (1987) (Cinematographer)
Photo Roman (1987) (Cinematographer)
Abba Ganuv II (1989) (second camera operator)
Ehad Mishelanu (1989) (focus puller)
Goodbye, New York (1985) (second assistant camera)
Going Steady (1979) (Actress)