Yiftach Katzur (יפתח קצור)
Born in Israel on July 17th, 1958.
While serving in the army, he performed as part of the Israel Defense Forces Theatre and Radio. The theatre educated young soldiers and service men in performing arts and was a starting ground for many israeli actors... Read More

Jonathan Sagall (יהונתן סגל)
Born on April 23rd, 1959, Toronto, Canada.  After a brief stay in Hollywood and London, he moved with his family to Haifa, Israel when he was aged 11. The son of theatre actress Ruth Sagall, from a young age he wanted to become a marine biologist before following in his mothers footsteps into acting... Read More

Zachi Noy (צחי נוי)
Born on July 8th, 1953 in Haifa, Israel. As a child he dreamed of becoming an actor and joined the Children's Haifa Theater workshop, first perfoming at the age of 12. During his service in the army, Zachi served as part of the military band entertaining the troupes... Read More